Blizzard: If You Cheat In StarCraft II We *Will* Ban Your Account

Let this be a warning to any of you who plan to cheat while playing StarCraft II: don’t! Blizzard has just sent a communiqué that says, in no uncertain terms, that it has zero problem with breaking out the ban hammer.

Word on the street is that Blizzard has gotten wise to cheaters out there, and being that it “takes cheating in [its] games very seriously,” it has said the following.

If you’re caught cheating in StarCraft II, Blizzard, as per the terms in the EULA, reserves the right to BAN~! your account from ever playing online again.

That’s a permaban, mind you, not a weekend in the penalty box.

The obvious less is simply to not cheat while playing the game online, but if you insist, know that you’re playing with fire.