starcraft II

  • Want to QQ on Blizzard's message board? Better get ready to use your real name!

    Kudos to Blizzard for putting an end to Anonymous Cowards everywhere. Well, at least on their own official forums. Starting with the release of StarCraft II in a few weeks, Blizzard WILL DEMAND~! you use your real name to participate in the forums. Oh sure, you’ll also be able to have your in-game character’s name displayed alongside your real name, but don’t let that fool… Read More

  • The parade of StarCraft II accessories begins with customized SteelSeries Zboard keyboard

    T-minus one month and counting till the release of StarCraft II, and we’re starting to see officially branded peripherals hit the store shelves. Here’s one such peripheral: the SteelSeries StarCraft II Limited Edition Zboard. As the name suggests, it’s based on the company’s Z Board, except, you know, StarCraft-ified. Read More

  • Hands-on: Razer's StarCraft II-themed mouse, keyboard, and headset

    For the last six months or so, whenever I was on Razer’s site for whatever reason, I always would check the StarCraft II section for updates. There were silhouettes there for ages, teasing Blizzard-branded peripherals, yet aside from the messenger bag we gave away, we saw no more of said peripherals than we saw of the dark side of the moon. But E3 this year was the launch date, and I… Read More

  • StarCraft II to be censored for South Korean release

    When I read this headline, I thought there must have been some mistake. I mean, as we all know, StarCraft is the life-blood of South Korea. How can Blizzard release a gimped version of the game over there? 1up calls it “heavily edited,” and perhaps “censored” is as much an overstatement as “heavily edited” is an understatement. The game was given a… Read More

  • 8-bit Starcraft: I would have played this

    This prototype for Starcraft was found by the son of an old-school Blizzard programmer — it dates from the early ’80s. Really quite shocking how advanced it is for the time! Check out this footage of a PvT game! Read More

  • StarCraft II official release date has been set: July 27, 2010

    Hold onto your knickers, everyone, for Blizzard has announced, via fancy e-mail, the release date for StarCraft II: July 27, 2010. So, slightly less than three months from now. You may freak out now. Read More

  • There will be a collector's edition of StarCraft II

    Blizzard just announced, via fancy e-mail, that there will, indeed, be a collector’s edition of StarCraft II, whenever it comes out. (No, Blizzard has not announced a release date yet, but says it will “soon.”) Anyhow, the collector’s edition will come with a 176-page art book, a USB thumb drive loaded with the original StarCraft and its expansion pack Brood War, a… Read More

  • Starcraft II Story Mode on video; it looks fantastic

    Even though Starcraft II was playable more than a year ago, Blizzard has still been extremely selective about the assets that they release. This latest video shows off the “Story Mode,” also known as the game, in which you can see a few characters driving the story, directing the flow of the game, and so on. The graphics, as we know, are very reminiscent of the original, yet… Read More

  • Starcaft 2 Video: Lost Temple battle

    This video brings back terrible memories of me getting massacred. I used to play quick Starcraft pickup games during boring MCSE lectures back in school. There was this guy in my class that happened to be a bigger nerd than I and the only way he knew how to win was with massive Dragooon armies. I hated him. Anyway, click through for a surprisingly exciting Starcraft II battle in the classic… Read More