• Hitachi Announces Hybrid Optical Drive With SSD

    Hitachi announced a new optical drive, a Hybrid SATA III which combines the optical technology with SSD.
    Details are non-existent, but combining an optical drive and with an SSD drive and you’re going to have one hot device. Hitachi announced the drive at the CEATEC trade show today, but didn’t mention any launch date, price, or capacity. [via Akihabara News] Read More

  • OCZ announces Onyx 2 SSDs

    OCZ just announced their latest SSD drive, the Onyx 2. The Onyx 2 is a 2.5 inch drive rated at a 270MBps read speed, and a 265MBps write speed. The new drives are available in either 120GB or 250GB, and rated at 1.5 million hours between failures. No word on when the new drives will be available, or how much they are going to cost. Read More

  • Review: G-DRIVE Mini [UPDATE]

    The G-Drive Mini has a lot to offer for people who need FW and USB connectivity. There was some confusion about the retail price of this unit. You can get the HDD for $89 and that’s in the league of all the other drives out there. What else can the Mini offer? Click to read my review. Read More

  • Sandisk Presents the Smallest 64GB SSD In The Whole World

    Can you believe it? That thing is a SanDisk 64GB SSD, read for installation into the tablet of your choice. While 64GB isn’t much for fans of 3D HD porn, it’s plenty for a little bit of music and some video. The chip has 160MB/sec sequential read and 100MB/sec sequential write, which is pretty darn fast, and you can chain these things together to make huge drives. They connect via… Read More

  • Yet another roundup shows that a good SSD is still hard to find (for cheap)

    I keep looking at SSDs, and then I keep changing my mind. The right combination of price, performance, and storage capacity just hasn’t hit yet. Another roundup done by yet another technology blog reviewed the latest generation of SSD products, only to come to the same conclusion: the performance hit at the low end price point continues to make going to SSD too impractical for many users. Read More

  • Replace a MacBook Pro's optical drive with an SSD

    It’s a fact that no one uses optical drives anymore and so why not replace the one in your late-model MBP with something a bit more useful like an SSD. It doesn’t really seem that hard as long you’re comfortable totally disemboweling your MacBook Pro. The SSD and optical drive both use SATA so it’s really plug and play and only requires a special adapter plate to… Read More

  • OCZ Enzo USB 3.0 SSD drive: Whoa, Nelly

    Do you need 256GB of hard core storage running at 150MBps? I know you do. The OCZ Enzo, which is apparently only in render stage, looks like the monster that ate Cleaveland and should cost considerably more than you’re currently willing to pay. But still, 260MBps for the USB 3.0 is wild. Read More

  • ATP SSD connect to the USB header on your motherboad

    This is brilliant. I’m not 100% sure what the practical application is yet, but I think I want one. ATP built an SLC NAND-based solid state drive designed to plug directly into the USB header on your motherboard. Great idea right? Read More

  • Look at that, someone (Super Talent) has finally thought to release relatively inexpensive SSDs

    All the cool kids in the neighborhood are building their PCs with solid state drives these days. Who wants to use a plain old hard disk drive, what with its icky moving parts, when you can cruise along on a drive with zero moving parts? I mean, it’s no contest. Problem: SSDs are usually what I like to call “mad expensive.” You’re paying a heck of a lot for a fairly… Read More

  • OCZ outs its 4th-gen PCI-Express SSD, the Z-Drive R2

    OCZ just rolled out the deets about its latest PCI-Express-powered SSD and man is it impressive. Forgot about that WD Velociraptor SATA 3.0 drive announced a few minutes ago, the new Z-Drive RS leaves that one back in the Jurassic Period. Read More

  • Review: Plextor 128GB SSD

    All the cool kids are playing SSDs these days. So much so that every manufacturer wants of piece of the sweet cherry pie. Even Plextor who was previously known as an optical drive/media company has a set of 64GB and 128GB SSDs available now. Too bad these options tastes more like a supermart-made pie than your grandma’s home cooking. Read More

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