With SSD, Gran Turismo 5 Load Times Are Halved

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Fact: if you install Gran Turismo 5 on your PS3’s hard drive you’ll speed up loading times. Additional fact: if you install Gran Turismo 5 on your PS3’s solid state drive (SSD) you’ll speed up loading times considerably. And yes, you can even try this at home—maybe!

The only way you’re able to install an SSD into your PS3 is if you have an old school “fat” PS3. A user on the Beyond3d forums stuck a Corsair F120 in there, and saw his Gran Turismo 5 load times plummet, sometimes by as much a 50 percent. That’s nothing to sneeze at, particularly if you’re not keen on waiting upwards of 30 seconds for the Nürburgring to load.

That’s what the chart is up there for, yes.

Now, it’s not exactly breaking news that SSDs are fast little guys—see Apple’s decision to make an SSD the default drive in the new MacBook Air—but it’s important to see how the technology performs in real world scenarios.

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