Yet another roundup shows that a good SSD is still hard to find (for cheap)

I keep looking at SSDs, and then I keep changing my mind. The right combination of price, performance, and storage capacity just hasn’t hit yet. Another roundup done by yet another technology blog reviewed the latest generation of SSD products, only to come to the same conclusion: the performance hit at the low end price point continues to make going to SSD too impractical for many users.

Sure, you can get a drive with great capacity, and high speed and reliability, but the cost per megabyte is quite high. At the lower end of the spectrum, you get smaller capacity, slower access speeds, and the potential for data loss. It’s still a crap shoot, so be careful what you pick up when you’re at looking at SSDs.

Read the whole roundup at The Tech Report. It’s pretty thorough and there are lots of graphs. You like graphs.