The Intel X25-V SSD offers 40GB for $125 or less

<img src="">While most <a href="">SSDs </a>currently cost more than netbooks and iPhones, ther

You get what you pay for, with SSDs and just about everything else

<img src="" />My aunt called last night to ask about a laptop she saw advertised in the weekly circular. It had most of the features she wan

Active releases a new set of SSDs

<img src="">Solid state hard drives are increasing in popularity mainly because more are reaching the consumer market, there

SSD Roundup: the drive to succeed

<img src="" />I got up this morning and started thinking about the next thing I wanted to add to my PC. Like many of yo

Corsair unleashes the Force SSD line

<img src="">Forget about the just-announced <a href="

Plextor's first SSDs are now available for your consumption

<img src="">It seems like nearly every computer accessory maker has a line of SSDs now and Plextor just joined that club with two SSDs.

The just-announced Corsair Reactor and Nova product lines are SSDs, not UFP starships

<img src=""><a href="">Corsair</a> isn't a new player in the SSD game, but it has some new en

HyBrid enclosure to hold SSD and standard drives

<img src="" />Raidon showed off their new HyBrid drive enclosure recently, a strange combination of an

SanDisk G3 solid state drive boasts speeds up to twice as fast as 7200 RPM drives

<img src="" alt="" />It’s beginning to look like Expensive Speed Day here at CrunchGear, what with the USB 3.0 products

Coming soon: Postage stamp-sized 1TB SSDs

<img src="" /> SSDs haven't found their way into the mass market yet, but a team of Japanese researchers is already trying to make the

SSD sales up last year, despite recession

<img src="" />So it wasn't all bleak last year, SSD manufacturers experienced a 14% increase in sales, along with a total of over 11 mill

Seagate finally shows up at the solid state drive party with an enterprise offering

<img src="">Seagate, the big huge hard drive company, has just now officially announced its first ever solid state drive. Th

OCZ Colossus finally hits retailers

<img src="" />Get your wallet ready; OCZ's Colossus line has finally hit the shelves. We were expecting them <a href="http://www

Toshiba announces two new mini SSDs weighing just 9 grams

<img src="" /> Toshiba today <a href="">announced</a> it has developed min

Kingston starts shipping SSDNow V+

Boasting blistering read and write IOPS speeds, Kingston has just announced that the latest SSDNow drives, V+, are now shipping. Ranging from 64GB up to 256GB, the V+ drives have claimed read and writ

OCZ's 1TB SSD Colossus due out this month for ~$2500

<img src="" alt="" />Introduced at Computex in June, the aptly named Colossus 1TB SSD from OCZ is expected to hit store shelves later t

OCZ Colossus puts several SSD peas in one 3.5" pod

<img src="" />This is something we've seen in super-high-end storage systems, but is now being implemented on a enthusiast con

Lexar rolls out fastest Crucial SSDs to date, the M225

SSDs are still mad expensive, but Lexar has just announced a wicked fast line of Crucial SSDs, M225. Available in 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB, the 2.5-inch drives boast 250MB/sec read speeds and 200MB/sec

Corsair announces new Extreme! SSD! Drives!

<img src="" />For high performance drives, SSD seems to be where it's at these days. Corsair is at the forefront of the m

Super Talent's MasterDrive SX SSDs would go great with an old MacBook Pro

<img src="" />Do you have a MacBook Pro? No, the new one with the gimped SATA transfer, but the one before it. Good, because Super T
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