Twitter co-founder Biz Stone relaunches Jelly as a human-powered search engine

Calling it an “un-pivot,” Biz Stone is bringing back Jelly, the Q&A app he created in 2013. Launching today, the new and improved Jelly remains close to its roots, but with an added twist. Th

Shots acquires Mindie to build a teen video app empire

Mindie does with soundtracks what Instagram did with filters: It makes boring imagery interesting. And with the insane amount of video that teens are sharing, the music-video-making app seemed too use

Under Armour Snatches Up Health And Fitness Trackers Endomondo And MyFitnessPal

Endomondo, a social fitness network and publisher of mobile apps that allow users to track their workouts and challenge friends, and health tracker MyFitnessPal have been acquired by athletic apparel

With Its iOS Update, StumbleUpon Becomes A Mobile Chat App

StumbleUpon, an older web brand still best known for its content discovery service that helps introduce web surfers to new and interesting websites (or maybe for getting bought, then sold again, by eB

Telenav Copies Foursquare’s Swarm With New Social App, HopOver

Telenav’s name tends to be associated with mapping and personal navigation, but today the company is trying its hand at something a little more social with the launch of an iPhone app that lets

Seahorse Lets You Collaborate With Friends To Build Lasting Photo And Video Albums, Shared Privately

A new mobile application launching today called Seahorse lets you create collaborative photo and video albums with friends and family, as well as ways to filter your past photos by time, place, or tho

Gillmor Gang: WineQuake

The Gillmor Gang — Robert Scoble, Keith Teare, Kevin Marks, Dan Farber, and Steve Gillmor — woke up and fell out of bed in what was the most dramatic quake for most of us since '89 and in my case

OnStaged’s New Social Network Focuses On The Content, Not The Person Posting It

Here’s a thought experiment embodied in the form of an iPhone application: what if a social network featured the content first, allowing friends and other community members to read and connect w

Bitstrips Confirms $3M Series A From Horizons, Sees 30M Avatars Created In Two Months

The old thought experiment asks: If you could travel back in time to prevent someone's birth who would be capable of great evil, would you do it? Admittedly, sometimes while browsing Facebook I wrestl

Social Travel App Jetpac Ditches Facebook, Pivots To Instagram-Based “City Guides” For At-A-Glance Recommendations

Facebook-based social travel apps may have run their course. <a target="_blank" href="">Jetpac</a>, a gorgeous but ultimately slow-to-grow travel app for iPad, which last year

TuneIn Radio Quietly Launches Voice-Based Social Networking App “OpenMic,” Aimed At College Students

TuneIn has a good thing going with its popular online radio service, which now sees over 40 million monthly listeners, so why is the company veering into voice-based social networking? Yes, voice-base

Family Photo-Sharing Service Lifecake Launches, Backed By $1.1 Million In Seed Funding

London-based <a target="_blank" href="">Lifecake</a>, a new photo-sharing service designed for families and built by former Skype, Qualcomm, and Yahoo engineers, is launching

Social Network At The Pool Relaunches On Mobile, With An App To Better Connect Nearby Friends

L.A.-based startup <a target="_blank" href="">At the Pool</a> is relaunching its social network as a new mobile app today, pivoting away from its <a href="

Y Combinator-Backed Origami Labs Acquired By eFamily, But Service Lives On

Not all exits have to see a product disappear. Case in point: Origami, the family-focused social service that arose from Y Combinator-backed mobile social network Everyme’s earlier efforts,

Evite Makes The Move To Printed Invites With Launch Of “Evite Ink”

<a target="_blank" href="">Evite</a>, a brand known for its digital invitations and other social planning resources since its founding in 1998, is announcing a new product today wh

Pinterest Appeals To Publishers With New Article Pins, Pushes To Become A Bookmarking & “Read It Later” Service

Only days after <a href="">announcing the launch of ads</a>, social networking site Pinterest is now making an appeal to publishers: the company is toda

Why Startups Fail: A Postmortem For Flud, The Social Newsreader

In late July, news broke that Flud, the social news reader for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, was headed to the deadpool. Startup failure is an all-too familiar, even cliche, story in Silicon Valley.

With 700 Customers And 1.5B Uniques, Gigya Lands $25M To Help Businesses Manage Consumer Data

It’s no secret: With Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms now woven into the very fabric of the Web, the Share-pocalypse is well underway. Of course, while it’s easy to recognize t

Memoir, A “Google Now” For Photo Memories, Is An App That Helps You Remember The Past

Thanks to the ubiquitous spread of smartphones, and the ease of photo-taking they bring, our photo galleries have become filled with what are almost like disposable memories - we snap and share, but t

Kapture Aims To Build A Wearable Mic That Can Always Capture Up To The Last 60 Seconds Of Conversation

A Kickstarter project that launched this week wants to put a mic on your wrist, for constant audio monitoring, in a twist on the wearable tech and quantified self movement. The Kapture, as it’s
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