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Only the Nvidia 9400M works with Snow Leopard's h.264 acceleration

<img src="" />Own a MacBook or MacBook Pro that <i>doesn't</i> have an Nvidia 9400M? Don't expect to use hardware acceleration for h.264 v

The WWDC 2009 build of Snow Leopard has leaked online (if that's your thing) [Updated]

<img src="" />This isn't exactly shocking news, but here we go: The WWDC 2009 build of Snow Leopard (Mac OS X 10.6) has been leaked onto th

Why Apple wins. every. time.

Today there was no reality distortion field. Just a reality field. You want video. Here it is. You want devs to have video. Here it is. You want to edit video in place without loading Quicktime Pro or

Getting to know Grand Central Dispatch, OpenCL, and your 64-bit OS

Apple’s Snow Leopard update for OS X is a major update, despite the fact that it doesn’t tout “300 new features” like the last one. For $29, there’s no reason to expect a

OS X Snow Leopard: September and for $29

<img src="">Goodness, that's cheap. Apple is releasing<a href="

You might be able to access Mac files from Bootcamp'd Windows with Snow Leopard

<img src="" />Poor MacDrive. The latest hot tamale of a rumor says that, starting with Snow Leopard (10.6), Windows users will be able to

Yes, Apple's WWDC will run from June 9-12 at Moscone

<img src="" />Yup, WWDC will run from June 9-12, more or less as that one guy predicted a few weeks ago. It's at that Moscone West p

Apple may well debut new user interface with Snow Leopard

<img src="" />Apple may, just may, unveil Marble at this year's WWDC, which may, just may, be in June. Marble is thought to be the c

Latest complete guess puts Apple Snow Leopard at June 8

<img src="" />A bit of a Snow Leopard update for y'all this fine (?) Friday afternoon. A gentleman at the Baltimore Sun—<i>wow

Snow Leopard shots reveal few changes but QT pro included

<img src="" />It's been a matter of speculation for some time whether Quicktime Pro would be included with Snow Leopard,

Snow Leopard videos for good times OK dance!

<img src="">Hey, party people, let's go nuts OK? Der Snow Leopard is out and it's sehr gut! Not many changes to be seen, but the techno music in the b

Another reason we can't wait for Snow Leopard

Ah, a clean install of Mac OS 10.4. Loverly. Think I’ll just download the latest nightly Minefield build and… MOTHER OF GOD!

OpenCL, specced in just 6 months, is ready for Snow Leopard

How long does it take to create a standard in the tech industry? Let’s put it this way: we’re still waiting for the final word on videotapes (die, Betacam, die). So when you hear that a un

Snow Leopard, she is coming in Q1 2009

Can’t wait for the next iteration of OS X? Well, it’s coming in Q1 2009 which means you still have about 2 more months to sit on your hands and think happy thoughts. Apple’s Director

The Onion sums up OS X Snow Leopard and Windows 7 sentiments

Both Microsoft and Apple have important operating system releases dropping soon in OS X Snow Leopard and Windows 7. If previous experiences have taught us anything, the tech crowd will cheer at the mi

Snow Leopard's 64-bit aspirations

If the last time you talked about how many bits something had was when you got a Super Nintendo, you’re probably as puzzled as I once was about the whole shift to 64-bit computing. Isn’t t

Snow Leopard screens trickle out: Safari has mysterious 'Save as Web Application' menu item!

The first shots of Snow Leopard, Apple’s new operating system that should be here in about a year, are now starting to appear online. On a German site, of all crazy things! Anyhow, the biggest n

Snow Leopard won't support PowerPC Macs

Snow Leopard, or OS X 10.6, went out to developers at WWDC yesterday, and one glaring aspect that worries some is the fact that 10.6 is made specifically for Intel-based Macs, meaning that G5 won&#821

Snow Leopard, the next version of Mac OS X, will be light on new features

Somewhat lost in the iPhone 3G hype/madness yesterday was Apple’s announcement of the next version of Mac OS X, to be called Snow Leopard. The big news: rather than promise wiz-bang new features