Oh, come on: Snow Leopard doesn't have ZFS


How many of y’all got around to installing Snow Leopard yesterday? I meant to, but then I bought a new hard drive for my old iMac (hey, any discreet graphics card is better than this old MacBook’s Intel bologna), so I’ll be upgrading everything next week. As if any of you care, I know, but trust me: there’s a point. If you did install Snow Leopard, you’ll no doubt have noticed this glaring kick in the teeth: Apple has removed ZFS! This will go down as one of the greatest injustices ever brought upon mankind.

I kid, of course, but it’s still worth noting. Nowhere in Snow Leopard will you find the option to format a hard drive using the ZFS filesystem. If 2 percent of you have even heard of ZFS I’ll be surprised; if 1 percent of you will even miss it I’ll be double-surprised.

It’s a shame, too, since ZFS is fairly handy. So I hear, at least. Says ZDNet:

ZFS combines a file system and a volume manager, along with some cool architectural features, to create an easily managed and highly reliable file system. Advanced features that just work.

Italics mean business, friends.

ZDNet even highlighted two features that would absolutely be useful to the average user: checksumming every single file (so you can better spot data corruption) and easy-to-use snapshotting. That is, “Hey, everything works 100 percent perfectly today. Let me take a snapshot, then if something goes wrong later, I can just go back to that snapshot.”

ZFS isn’t even in Snow Leopard Server Edition, so consider it dead and buried. Of course, it’ll be a cold down in somewhere before Apple says why…

So, while watching Juventus v. Roma, be sure to pour one out for ZFS.