Snow Leopard will be out soon, no need to freak out


Here’s some advice to all of you guys who are trying to keep up-to-date on the latest Snow Leopard news: don’t go anywhere near a computer for the next week or so. There were rumors last week that Snow Leopard build 10A432 was slated for gold master, but then you read message board thread after message board wherein people complain about little glitches here and there. Hardly a sign of Apple polish! Then the disc artwork changes from a snow leopard theme to a space theme, à la Leopard, and there’s even more confusion.


It gets worse. Apple UK publishes a Web page that shows “August 28” as the ship date, but then quickly reverts that to “September.” (That’s what the Apple U.S. store says, too, “September.”)

In short, you’ll go crazy trying to keep up with all the shifts and turns.

So just hang low for a little while yet, lest you get excited for nothing.