snow leopard

  • Yeah, so that $29 Snow Leopard disc works for everyone

    Classy, Apple. Tell people running 10.4 that they need to buy the $169 box set when the $29 upgrade will work just fine. That’s the Apple philosophy in action, isn’t it? As long as you’ve got an Intel-based Mac, $29 is all you need to get Snow Leopard on your computer. And don’t let Apple tell you otherwise. Read More

  • Snow Leopard's secret power

    You’re telling me Snow Leopard isn’t a major update? Well affix your chapeau to your pate, sir, and go forthwith on a long walk off of a short fjord! The most important feature in Snow Leopard has been revealed and it’s a doozy. Read More

  • Box vs Box: Snow Leopard Standard vs Snow Leopard Server Edition

    Apple’s been gettin’ a good bit of grief for the Snow Leopard box art since it officially went on sale this morning. We’re in the “Who cares? We’re all going to buy it anyway” boat, but we’ve gotta admit it: it sort of looks like it was slapped together at the last minute. By a kid. Oh, and he was wearing a blindfold. At least, the standard edition does. Read More

  • Snow Leopard ships this Friday

    The elusive Snow Leopard upgrade for Mac OS X is now officially available for pre-order at the Apple Store. It costs $29 and will ship out this Friday. So after all the hoopla last week about whether or not it’ll ship this month or next, the answer is “pretty much this month but maybe by the time it gets to your house it’ll be next month.” That is all. Please proceed to… Read More

  • It's Here! Pre-order Mac OS X Snow Leopard Right Now

    The Apple store had been down for quite a while today, and lo and behold when it was reinstated Mac OS X Snow Leopard became available to mankind – that is to say you can now pre-order a copy. The major update to OS X, aka 10.6, will start shipping next Friday August 28, as had been rumored by websites like Macenstein and MacRumors since last Thursday. Read More

  • Snow Leopard will be out soon, no need to freak out

    Here’s some advice to all of you guys who are trying to keep up-to-date on the latest Snow Leopard news: don’t go anywhere near a computer for the next week or so. There were rumors last week that Snow Leopard build 10A432 was slated for gold master, but then you read message board thread after message board there wherein people complain about little glitches here and there. Hardly… Read More

  • Preview Review: Snow Leopard (10A432)

    We’re a few weeks away from the official release of Snow Leopard and I’m here to tell you things are really heating up in the realm of Exchange Support, OpenCL, and being able to click on an icon to make all of its windows appear. Sorry. I’m just a crank. Every time Apple comes out with a new version of OS X I expect bells, whistles, and dancing dogs. This is an… Read More

  • Sure looks like the GM build of Snow Leopard has leaked

    I do believe the GM build of Snow Leopard, Apple’s latest version of Mac OS X, has leaked onto the Internet. The build in question is 10A432. I see it on one popular Web site, but I shan’t be downloading. Even I can afford $30! Read More

  • Go preorder Snow Leopard on Amazon! Run, you fool!

    Everybody’s favorite OS X update, Snow Leopard, is hurtling in our direction, and Amazon has either been given the go-ahead to (or just gone ahead and) opened up pre-orders. They have caveats for both date and which update package to get. We’re all pretty pumped about the update; the major new features should make OS X better than ever. With Windows 7 right around the corner… Read More

  • Video: Playing with App Expose in Snow Leopard

    Here’s a quick look at App Expose in Snow Leopard, a feature I was really looking forward to. It’s quite cool and works like a treat in the latest update. There are also a few improvements to the contextual menus in the dock but this is the only major UI improvement I saw. Sorry for the sound quality. I was trying something new. But the most important stuff is there. Read More

  • Buy a Mac on or after June 8, get Snow Leopard for $10

    Seeing as though Snow Leopard is only $29, this just-announced $9.95 update program doesn’t have quite the same impact that it might otherwise have. Still! The deal is that if you buy a Mac on or after June 8, Apple will send you a Snow Leopard DVD when the operating system comes out this fall. Read More