Nintendo’s NES Classic will return to U.S. retail stores on June 29

Rejoice Nintendo fans: the Japanese gaming giant is bringing the NES Classic back to retail stores this summer. Nintendo said the console will go on sale again across the U.S. on June 29, with the SN

Sorry SNES Classic: Analogue’s Super Nt is the ultimate Super Nintendo

You may or may not have scored an SNES Classic from Nintendo, but either way, you don’t have the true retro gaming fan’s SNES reboot – yet. That’s because it’s not out yet,

8bitdo’s new wireless controllers are perfect for your new SNES Classic

The SNES Classic Edition is out today, and is probably currently en route to those lucky enough to have scored a pre-order, and being picked up by bleary-eyed fans who set up early at game store locat

Who Needs Original Content? OUYA To Launch With Nintendo 64, SNES And NES Emulation Support

The OUYA Android-based gaming console is getting ready for its debut: the stated beginning shipping date for Kickstarter backers is March 28. At launch, it sill isn't clear exactly how many software t

Hyperkin's SupaBoy Portable Plays Your Old SNES Cartridges [Update: Video hands-on!]

<img src="" />Good thing you kept all your old SNES cartridges, right? Hyperkin, the accessories manufacturer, has developed the SupaBoy

Turn your iPad into an expensive but effective SNES emulator

<img src="">Have an <a href="">iPad</a> laying around after its novelty wore off? I completely unde

Easy guide to setting up an SNES emulator on your iPad

If you’ve got an iPad but haven’t yet jailbroken it, I don’t know what to tell you. What are you thinking?! There’s a world outside of Yonkers, my friend. Don’t let Apple

RetroN 3 Video Gaming System: Three of your favorite gaming systems in-one

<img src="" />Getting into retro gaming is often difficult. Trying to get a hold of antiquated game systems in good working order, much

Super Famicom Tee for the Super Comboy Super Fan.

<img src="" />Here’s a cool looking shirt from The King of Games, commemorating the 20-year anniversary of the Super Famicom’s relea

SNES your Bluetooth Gamepad

<img src="">if you are tired of using your <a href="

Retrode easily turns your SNES, Sega Genesis cartridges into ROMs

<img src="" />Let me set the scene; it's very interesting. I'm sitting here listening to one of my many soccer podcasts World Football D

Mod: Audio line out from SNES Super Gameboy

Chiptune is fun to mess around with, but programming on a tiny Gameboy screen can get a little annoying. Nintendo created the Super Gameboy to allow players to plug Gameboy cartridges into their SNES,

Flash cartridge for SNES lets you get your ROM on

<img src="" />You're familiar with the flash carts that Nintendo is waging a questionably successful war on, yes? Basically t

Here's how to pay too much for an SNES emulator

<img src="" />So, you want to play some Super Nintendo games. You've got some ROMs, but you don't want to play it on one of the many devic

The Supertendo Portable SNES

I would buy this portable SNES. It’s probably one of the cleanest portable retro gaming systems ever made. In fact, it sort of looks like something that Nintendo would have made in the 90’

Netbook built into SNES, cartridge used as slot-loading DVD drive

<img src="" alt="Snespire" />Someone has FINALLY answered the age-old question: Is it possible to build an Acer Aspire One netbook into an

DIY: SNES cartridge USB hub

<img src="">Got a bunch of SNES games stuffed in a box somewhere at your 'rents house? Yeah, I do. Turn 'em into a rad USB

Limited edition SNES controller for the Wii

<img src="">Boy oh boy, I sure hope you really like the SNES controller because replicating the experience on the Nintendo Wii will se

Video: The DIY SNES digital clock

Here’s another “because you can” mod. It’s an SNES turned into a digital clock, perfect for showing off your tinkering skills. A video of it in action? Why not?

Portable SNES mod retains original controller design Look! It’s a portable Super Nintendo Entertainment System that looks like an oversized Super Nintendo Entertainment System controller! It’s unders
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