Here's how to pay too much for an SNES emulator

psnesSo, you want to play some Super Nintendo games. You’ve got some ROMs, but you don’t want to play it on one of the many devices already out there. No, you want to drop some serious cash on a homemade version of a portable player. Well, this guy has got your back. Or at least your wallet.

To me, it is totally worth it to buy the emulator for your phone. But if you’d really rather have a custom-made portable SNES, then hit up this guy’s ebay auction. I think I’ll be passing though. I understand that the guy wants to paid for his work, but a starting bid of $550? The build quality just isn’t to command that type of price. I’ve seen some really elegant mods, and retrospectator9, you are no Ben Heck.

[Via Technabob]