Sorry SNES Classic: Analogue’s Super Nt is the ultimate Super Nintendo

You may or may not have scored an SNES Classic from Nintendo, but either way, you don’t have the true retro gaming fan’s SNES reboot – yet. That’s because it’s not out yet, and it’s not even made by Nintendo: It’s the Super Nt, the next reference quality console recreation from Analogue, the same gadget maker that created the Nt Mini to play NES games as they were meant to be played on modern TVs.

The Super Nt is designed to do the same thing, providing full 1080p HD, 60Hz with absolutely no lag, and support for all SNES and Super Famicom cartridges out of the box. It also supports SNES and Super Famicom controller hardware, as well as 8Bitdo’s SN30 retro wireless controllers, and Bluetooth game controllers for modern systems including the DualShock 4 from PlayStation.

Analogue has designed the Super Nt for true fans, with features like scaliness and aspect ration preservation built-in, as well as 48KHz 16 bit stereo for those classic 16 bit retro soundtrack earworms.

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It’s also region free, so it can play games from wherever, and it comes in four different colors for a range of options, including classic Super NES and Super Famicom paint schemes, along with an all-black look and a completely transparent case (and controller) to show you the inner workings.

Analogue is also offering the Super Nt for less than the original Nt and Nt mini that preceded it, at $189.99. That might still sound expensive for a new console that plays only old games, but it’s actually only $100 more than the SNES Classic, and it supports the entire SNES/Super Famicom game library.

Plus, it uses an FPGA processor to achieve 100% accurate gameplay reproduction, which is something that various people in the fan mod community have been trying to do successfully for the past decade or so, according to Analogue. As someone who’s done expensive play testing of the Analogue Nt Mini, I can attest to the care the company takes in making sure when they say it’ll work with all games, it will indeed.

The Analogue Super Nt is “coming soon,” with more updates on availability to be revealed shortly.