SNES your Bluetooth Gamepad

If you are tired of using your SIXAXIS as a wireless controller for PCs, then it is time to build your own unique controller. Instructables details a way for you to take an old SNES controller you have lying around and bring it up to speed with Bluetooth.

You start by removing the innards of the MSI BGP100 Bluetooth gamepad from its awkward body, transplant the BGP100 electronics into a SNES controller — which also needs to have its guts cleaned out. You will need to do a little cutting, soldering and forcing your way into the SNES, but for what it’s worth, the battery is upgraded to AA for more gaming time. Similar to the Zeemote JS1, the SNES Bluetooth gamepad can even control the newest mobile devices without having to rely on an insensitive virtual D-pad.

See, even the SNES Bluetooth controller, in all its nostalgic glory, can be made to keep up with the latest games on the latest mobile platform. It just needs bit of help from you.