Hyperkin's SupaBoy Portable Plays Your Old SNES Cartridges [Update: Video hands-on!]

Good thing you kept all your old SNES cartridges, right? Hyperkin, the accessories manufacturer, has developed the SupaBoy, a portable SNES. Fingers crossed, it should be available this summer.

The SupaBoy plays plain ol’ SNES cartridges (though only North American cartridges). Battery life is said to be around 5.5 hours per charge. That powers a 3.5-inch LCD.

There is a video output so you can connect it to your TV, and two real controller ports built-in. Though the thought of playing SNES games on an HDTV makes me shudder.

No price listed as yet, but a similar product, the FC Mobile that plays NES cartridges, currently goes for $60. So there’s that.

UPDATE: Video hands-on from E3 2011!