• The DaVinci IQ is a cyberpunk vaporizer with a nice draw

    The DaVinci IQ is a cyberpunk vaporizer with a nice draw

    The sky above the port may be the color of television, tuned to a dead channel, but in most hacker dens it’s usually all psychedelics and healthy snacks. And what better way to partake in your favorite psychoactive substances than with a true cyberpunk’s vape? The DaVinci IQ is a black slab designed to heat herbs to temperatures between 230 and 430 degrees Fahrenheit. A grid of… Read More

  • PrintABowl 3D Prints Beautiful “Elevation” Devices For Your Pleasure

    PrintABowl 3D Prints Beautiful “Elevation” Devices For Your Pleasure

    If you enjoy a bit of the old Weed O’ Gandalf then you’re going to get a kick out of these smoking systems by PrintABowl. This company makes specially -designed smoking paraphernalia that is 3D printed using a ceramic molding method. While the bongs themselves aren’t 3D printed – that would be a bit difficult given the state of things – the molds used to make them… Read More

  • "Go green" with the 7pipe Pro

    As time goes on, we’re seeing technology start to show up in all kinds of unexpected places. For example: the DVD kiosk, shoe insoles, and now the pipe. And when I say pipe, I mean a “420 friendly” pipe. Read More

  • It's just four days until International Pipe Smoking Day! Are you ready?

    Hey, college kids and older men who need an affectation (I’ve never seen a 20-40 year old pipe smoker, interestingly), February 20 is International Pipe Smoking Day. The mission is to “foster links across the globe in honor of friendship, benevolence, and tranquility; and to celebrate the fraternity of pipe-smokers across all borders” but I think this is really about getting… Read More

  • Butane lighter looks like a cigarette

    A small butane lighter that’s the size and shape of a cigarette. That’s what this is. It even looks like a cigarette! Buy a new pack of cigarettes, take one out, light it with this lighter, then put the lighter BACK IN THE PACK!!! That way, you’ll always have a lighter with you but you won’t have to give up precious pocket space. Read More

  • Smoking Mittens challenge Smittens in fight for ‘World’s Dumbest Mittens’ title

    Two months ago, I brazenly called Smittens – the mittens built for compulsory hand-holding – the “World’s dumbest mittens”. Now a new contender has emerged in the Smoking Mittens – an unassuming pair of mittens with a small hole for a cigarette. Read More

  • Lighter doubles as an 8GB flash drive

    Here’s the perfect complement to the USB flash drive with built-in bottle opener we told you about a few weeks ago. It’s a Zippo-style lighter with 8GB of storage and a USB connection — because you can never have lighter fluid too close to your computer. It costs $60, which might seem a bit steep, but if you’re still smoking in this day and age, you’ve no… Read More

  • Smoker Bell: A place where smokers can comfortably enjoy their death sticks

    [photopress:smoker_bell.jpg,full,center] Few things annoy me more than coming home from bar or club or whatever and having the smell of smoke on my clothes. (Walking behind a smoker on a windy day is also infuriating.) It’s a noxious, inhumane smell. I had to get my jacket dry cleaned last week because, apparently, smoking in bars is still 100 percent legal in Queens, NY. Personally, I… Read More

  • Stay warm while contracting incurable cancer this winter

    Most of my female friends — yes, I have some — are smokers. Why is it? Because they’re full of angst and hate life, and they know smoking makes you exactly 26% cooler than not smoking, they’re not dumb. Anyway, Seattle this winter has been cold, far more so than last year. Thank goodness the girls at Shiny Shiny have shown me these smoking mittens that I, in turn, can… Read More

  • Your N95 will help you quit smoking

    Or that’s what Internet startups and Denver, CO is betting. According to Jodi Kopke, a media director at Colorado’s State Tobacco Education and Prevention Partnership (STEPP), acting immediately is key to helping people stop smoking. Very true, but I don’t think her plan is going to help many people. Using SMS, the stop-smoking service will send out daily text messages to… Read More

  • N64 controller mod, or cheap way to smoke?

    I like to keep things “real,” so let’s get it out of the way right now: this kid is probably smoking cannabis out of a Nintendo 64 controller. Don’t give me that, “it could be tobacco” nonsense, either. He doesn’t look a day over 14, and smoking tobacco out of a pipe (especially a pipe that looks like a cheap St. Marks bowl) doesn’t enter into… Read More