PrintABowl 3D Prints Beautiful “Elevation” Devices For Your Pleasure

If you enjoy a bit of the old Weed O’ Gandalf then you’re going to get a kick out of these smoking systems by PrintABowl. This company makes specially -designed smoking paraphernalia that is 3D printed using a ceramic molding method. While the bongs themselves aren’t 3D printed – that would be a bit difficult given the state of things – the molds used to make them are and this allows the team to make multiple bong styles quickly and easily.

The bowls come in three styles – Alpha, Ferro, and Tessalate – and cost about $300. They’re shipping now.

The team, Al and Saul Jacobs, are brothers and hail from Washington. They created the company at the University of Washington in Seattle while taking a course on “creativity and innovation.” The team hoped to “nourish their shared appreciation of design in lieu of Washington state’s recreational cannabis legalization” which is another way of saying that they wanted to make themselves some sweet bongs so they can smoke some dank nugs. The brothers also frequently collaborate on musical projects because they are clearly cool brothers.

I would love to a see a truly 3D printed bong – I have personally printed an herb grinder but nothing waterproof – but I think we should all let the guys who know ceramics build our pipes rather than lighting a pile of extruded ABS on fire while watching The Man Who Fell To Earth.