• Adobe’s Slate Is A Visual Storytelling App For The iPad

    Adobe’s Slate Is A Visual Storytelling App For The iPad

    With Slate, Adobe is launching a new text- and photo-centric storytelling app for the iPad today. About a year ago, Adobe launched Voice, its first standalone storytelling app that lets users record their own stories and then illustrate them with images (the Voice app is also getting an update today, by the way). Slate takes a different (and somewhat less experimental) approach and focuses… Read More

  • The Next Microsoft — Updating Its Branding And Messaging In Three Days

    The Next Microsoft — Updating Its Branding And Messaging In Three Days

    A very smart project is underway by a 21-year-old design student in Los Angeles. The goal: update Microsoft’s branding and messaging in three days. Judging by the reaction, Andrew Kim has hit a tap root of pent upfrustrated creative juice out there. So far, there are more than 188 comments on Hacker News about his speculative design project. Read More

  • Review: The T-Mobile G-Slate

    The Honeycomb slate market is getting crowded. With new devices launching every day and current models getting incremental updates that put them on parity with just about anything else out there, manufacturers gotta have a gimmick. Like Power Rangers or Reservoir Dogs, Honeycomb tablet manufacturers must depend on one or two defining characteristics to convince a restless consumer base to pick… Read More

  • LG G-Slate, Roll Out! Video Shows What Honeycomb Will Do With iOS

    With all the talk of Playbooks and TouchPads these days, it’s sad that poor old LG hasn’t had much traction with their 10-inch G-Slate aka The Optimus Pad. Well how’s this for traction? This bit of fanfic shows the Optimus Pad fighting, Michael Bay-style, high over a futuristic cityscape. While we all know Honeycomb is going to be amazing, did you know it could shoot fire… Read More

  • HP Thinks It Can Sell Nearly 50 Million Notebooks This Year

    Apple just announced its massive Q1 numbers yesterday; they sold 4.13 million Macs. Now that’s only in one quarter, but HP thinks they can also pull off some massive numbers by selling 45 to 48 million notebooks in 2011. In 2010, HP did…. More after the break. Read More

  • Hands-On Video With the HP Slate 500

    Here is our hands-on video of the HP Slate 500, HP’s new business slate. For those of you still on the fence, HP has posted all of the final specs for the device as well, including the fact that it has an active digitizer as well as an Intel Z540 Atom Processor Z540 (1.86 GHz, 512 KB L2 cache, 533 MHz FSB) and 2GB of memory. You can take a gander at the product page and see if this is… Read More

  • Hands-On With The HP Slate 500, A Windows 7 Business Tablet

    It’s been a long, hard road but it looks like some of the big boys are finally figuring out tablets. To wit: the new HP Slate 500, a business-only tablet designed for retail, hospitality, medicine and anything else that isn’t all about having fun. Let me explain. The Slate 500 is a very nice tablet. In fact I’d say the Samsung Galaxy Tab and the 500 are close cousins in terms… Read More

  • Video: The HP Slate Windows 7 Tablet Gets An Early YouTube Review

    The HP Slate is a real product — numerous mentions from HP VPs and various leaks state that — but it’s far from “official.” Somehow, though, a somewhat-thorough video review was just posted on the ol’ Interweb for the whole word to see. Remember, this product is headed for the enterprise market and you can’t even buy it, so don’t get all… Read More

  • HP, Read Our Comments, Consumers Want The Windows 7 Slate, Too

    HP revealed most of its tablet strategy yesterday at the Fortune’s Brainstorm conference. The Windows 7 HP Slate is headed to the enterprise sector this fall while the webOS-power Palmpad will go head-to-head against the iPad later. The plan itself really isn’t that surprising as I saw this coming shortly after Palmpad was trademarked. But what I didn’t expect was the outcry… Read More

  • HP Windows 7 slates coming "this fall"

    Here come the slates. Send in the slates. Todd Bradley, EVP, Personal Systems Group, for HP just announced that their Windows 7 tablets will arrive “this Fall” — something we suspected after said slates showed up on HP’s website with SKU numbers and all. The rumored (and almost certainly real) webOS slates were touched on tangentially, with the non-answer that we… Read More

  • Will HP put the Palmpad and Windows 7 Slate head to head?

    Palmpad, eh? That sounds nice and could signal a sort-of departure from the normal slate business model. HP might be prepping more than one tablet product line. Perhaps the Windows 7 Slate project isn’t dead after all. We all know the story. HP bought Palm for a billion dollars, partly for the webOS mobile phone platform. Said operating system will soon be found in other HP devices… Read More

  • The iPad Alternatives — The 'Where Are They Now' Edition

    The iPad is the king of tablets and might hold that title for years to come. However, there are a ton of alternatives that we’ve featured over the last few months, mostly in these two posts (1 & 2) detailing the top 14. But since I ran those posts, a lot has changed and while some managed to make it to the market, others were delayed or scrapped entirely. It’s sad, really. Read More

  • 3 lessons HP hopefully learned from the iPad

    The HP webOS Slate is one-step closer to the market now that HP officially owns Palm. It has a real chance to be the iPad-alternative of choice when it launches later this year. Hopefully HP engineers and designers have been taking notes about the iPad from the beginning because even though the iPad is selling like Girl Scout cookies, it’s far from perfect. The Apple branding alone is… Read More

  • HP's CTO makes more noises about Slate not running Windows

    At a recent conference about tablets and the future of publishing, there was a Q&A with the CTO of HP’s person systems group. While he used typical CTO doubletalk, there was a few nuggets of information to be gleaned from his rather cryptic words on the future of products like HP’s Slate PC. Read More

  • HP Slate specs leak, get compared the iPad

    Uh oh! Sounds like someone is going to be in trouble. The word is out on the probable spec and pricing on the HP Slate, and HP is definitely aware of the iPad. Obviously an internal document, it’s very interesting to see exactly what HP considers a threat, and what they consider to be an advantage. Read More

  • HP Shows Off Their Slate's Social Networking Features, Wants You To Remember They Have a Slate

    HP may not have shipping product but by gar they’re going to show you mock-ups. The HP slate may not be shipping and there may be another slate overshadowing it this week but HP wants you to know it runs social networking apps. The slate, which has a 10-inch screen, will run Windows 7 and should cost a little under $600 when it is released this summer. Click through for video. Read More

  • Apple iPad? How about a little German innovation instead

    While every man and his dog is waiting for their preordered iPad to arrive, some Germans went their own way and yesterday presented a Slate that appears to have, well, better features. The Neofonie WePad has similar form and function as the wet dreams of our Crunchgear editors, but facts are that the German Android device has a bigger multitouch screen and a faster CPU than the iPad. Also… Read More

  • How the iPad, and the slate computer, will evolve in the next two years

    With the iPad hitting pre-order in two days and shipping in April, it’s important to think about when and why to buy the iPad. Based on our understanding of the product lifecycle and expected moves by Apple’s competitors, we foresee big changes in the ultraportable landscape with the ultraportable/netbook as we now know it mutating – or branching – into a new species… Read More

  • First look: Inkia MID500 5-inch slate computer

    The Inkia MID500 just hit my desk and I have to show it off. Well, it’s kind of my job. I’ll publish a full review in a week or so, but for now, click through for a video hands-on and my initial pros and cons about the $349 5-inch tablet computer. Read More

  • The Other HP Slate Runs On Android

    Last night, during his keynote address at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer showed off a prototype for a new HP Slate computer running on Windows 7. It was supposed to be an Apple-stealing moment and it was Microsoft’s moment, which is probably why Hewlett-Packard has not yet publicly mentioned that it is working on another tablet/slate computer that… Read More