Apple iPad? How about a little German innovation instead

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WePadWhile every man and his dog is waiting for their preordered iPad to arrive, some Germans went their own way and yesterday presented a Slate that appears to have, well, better features.

The Neofonie WePad has similar form and function as the wet dreams of our Crunchgear editors, but facts are that the German Android device has a bigger multitouch screen and a faster CPU than the iPad. Also it runs Flash, has USB ports, an inbuilt card reader and expandable memory. Additionally it allows complete multitasking and has a webcam. Beat that baby.

WePad from Berlin
The WePad is set to arrive sooner to German stores than its Apple counterpart and will be significantly cheaper than the iPad, says Neofonie CEO Helmut Hoffer von Ankershoffen. Preorders and deliveries are planned for next month and that’s no April Fool’s joke, he insisted in a small chat on the WePad’s Facebook site. At first I thought it was a fake, because some specs feel too great and the choice of OS sounds just weird: a Linux derivate with Android on top. That’s Linux with Linux inside, which makes it possible to install apps from the Android Market as well as special Adobe Air software from Neofonie.

  WePad iPad
Display 11.6-inch (1,366 x 768 pixels) 9.7-inch (1,024 x 768 pixels)
Processor 1,66 GHz Intel Atom N450 Pineview-M 1,0 GHz Apple A4
Memory 16 GB NAND Flash (optional 32 GB internal + 32 GB SDcard) 16 / 32 / 64 GB
Webcam 1,3 Megapixel None
Ports 2 USB ports, card reader, audio out, SIM card slot, multi pin connector Apple connector for camera or card reader as peripherals
Flash / Adobe AIR Yes / Yes No / No
App Store WePad AppStore + Google Android Marketplace iTunes App Store
Multitasking Yes Restricted, allowed only for Apple apps
Battery life 6 hours 10 hours
eBook format All open standards Proprietary Apple format from iBooks store
Wireless connect Bluetooth 2.1, WiFi N, 3G optional Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, WiFi N, 3G optional
Body Magnesium-Aluminium Aluminium
Size 288 x 190 x 13 mm 242.8 x 189.7 x 13,4 mm
Weight 800 g (850 g with 3G) 680 g

The company from Berlin, although unknown, is no newcomer. The 12 years old Neofonie GmbH is a software company that also runs a search enginge called WeFind and sells an epublishing platform by the name of WeMagazine. It makes newspapers and magazines readable on computers and smartphones, and that’s also where they see the real business for their WePad tablet PC.

The WePad provides elderly users in the core target group of newspaper and magazine publishing houses, who generally have little to no experience with PCs with intuitive and fast access to the digital world of their children and grandchildren (Internet, e-mail, social media, etc.).

For publishing houses, every reader gained with the WePad represents a direct and long-term customer relationship, the foundation for paid content, extensive customer knowledge and new forms of customer communication. While platforms like Apple iTunes and Amazon Kindle force publishing houses into the role of a simply a content supplier, the WePad allows publishing houses to retain access to and knowledge of their audience.

So the WePad doesn’t want to do away only with Apple’s iPad but also with the Amazon Kindle, reveals the latest factsheet. That’s a tall order. Publishing houses should acquire the device and brand it with their own labels to “move traditional print readers into the digital world in a targeted manner. Print brands can then become online brands, thus minimising the contact with established Internet players like Google Amazon and Apple.”

First commenters do already suspect an alliance between the WePad and Germany’s biggest publisher, Springer, which is also based in Berlin. The many screenshots with Springer’s Hamburger Abendblatt on the WePad would be a hint.

Springer is the strongest proponent of paid content in Europe. Since November, the company blocks users with iPhones and Android devices from reading most of their newspapers’ websites with the phones’ browsers. Instead they shall buy the apps for newspapers like Europe’s biggest daily, BILD, or Springer’s B.Z. Maybe we just saw the birth of a German newspaper tablet. A working prototype was on show at the world’s largest computer expo, CeBIT, two weeks ago.

  • furi

    Nice try, but no hype? That’s the part where Europe lags behind really.

    • sehn

      Yes nice try, but like most of the people here, they want something more than a hype… IMO, I’m going for the Microsoft’s Courier Tablet

      • youngluck

        The Courier will never ship. Here’s why: Microsoft will never go head on with Apple in the Consumer tablet market with a product that doesn’t play movies. It’s viewable size is split in half by “the pocket”… It won’t ship in it’s current form. I still want one, cause I’m a creative, but I represent a very small slice of the whole pie.

      • sehn

        It could be nice, more about its features: http://bit.ly/wepad-tablet-impressions

      • jacky

        Wow, do we really have a competitor to ipad? The lenovo’s ipad killer didnt really work out that well. Wonder how this one fares…
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      • Fire

        Call me crazy, but what I really want is for it to slide into a keyboard dock that makes it function as a laptop. The design is very beautiful & my
        Hotel Mirabilandia render is very good on this screen.

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      • Sandralazic6

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      • Hamranhansenhansen

        > want something more than a hype… IMO,
        > I’m going for the Microsoft’s Courier Tablet

        Courier is 100% hype. If that’s what you want, you already have it. It’s concept videos. Steve Ballmer himself said so. These are a form of internal Microsoft cheerleading and a externally it is FUD to keep you from buying an existing product.

      • Snitzelglobin in liederhozen

        The ipad doesn’t need to support flash, flash just needs to fuck off and die.

      • David

        Chill, Snitzelglobin in liederhozen

      • Hamranhansenhansen

        The book format line in the table is wrong. Apple’s iBookStore uses ePub, not a proprietary format. And iBooks is just one of many readers in App Store. You can use Stanza, Eucalyptus, Classics, Kobo, many others. iBooks does not even ship on the device.

        The line should read: open formats, plus Kindle and Audible.

        To a gadget hound, this spec sheet seems to favor the WePad, but not to most consumers. They will choose App Store over Air, iTunes Store over DIY, iTunes admin (auto backup, easy restore) over DIY, Apple Store support over who knows, 10 hours over 6 hours, tons of accessories over none, shipping over vapor, the biggest computer hardware company in the world over one they haven’t heard of, the incredibly responsive and fast Apple UI over another clunky misfiring touch UI, and years of product maturity (leveraging iPhone, iPod, OS X) over just getting started. These are the key data points for consumers whose eyes literally glaze over at the sight of this spec table.

        Probably the 3 most important details for consumers are: price, availability, and 3G data plan price, bandwidth, and contract terms. iPad is reasonably priced, available now, and offers truly unlimited 3G bandwidth (not a 5GB cap) for a dollar a day. If the WePad ships in 2011 with these specs it is not as impressive. If it costs $2 per day for 5GB/month cap it is not as impressive. And there are no hit Android devices with the possible exception of Verizon Droid, where there is no competition on the proprietary Verizon network from open phones.

        Where are the real photos of it (these are mock-ups)? Basically there is nothing on this page that separates WePad from a hoax. Even the name is derivative. So it’s a pretty poor comparison at this point. If this ships in 6 months it will enter a world with 10 million iPads, all running iPhone OS 4.0 or 4.1. Mobile moves quicky so talking about a product with no ship date and price is really speculative.

      • RJ7855

        I´m not planning on buying a tablet but if I have to choose from these two I will take the wePad just in order for NOT having iTunes. That damn program already made me sell my iPhone and as long as iTunes is mandatory (and as bad as it currently is) I will not buying any Apple anymore.

      • Alistair Dabbs

        Good points, although in Europe the Apple iPad is neither ‘here now’ nor is it ‘reasonably priced’. Rather, it is ‘no-one knows when’ and ‘extremely expensive’.

      • Gustav

        @Hamranhansenhansen you should pull the apples out of your ass, little fanboy

      • http://www.meegodevelopment.org Meego development

        The We PAd is still waiting where is it
        its still not in my market nor any news
        iPad rocks
        i would had gone for it if i didnt buy iPAd

      • http://www.webcamwithmicrophone.org John

        i had ipad for a while now. it is OK. not that cool compare to use mouse. it is good for my traveling

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    • Tony

      This is just history and Darwinism repeating itself for the third time. In the late 90’s, there were so many different portable music players, but it took Apple and its iPod with its dead simple interface in 2001 to really popularize portable music patterns (and eliminate most of the competition). In the early to mid part of this decade, there were several different smart phones with different interfaces made by several companies, but it took the iPhone and its simpler interface to wipe most of them out. Similarly, tablet PCs have been out for almost a decade with their Windows XP interfaces, but very few people paid attention and purchased them until Apple announced its iPad, and now they are rushing to put out tablets with GUIs that superficially mimic the iPad. Sure, some people will buy them, but eventually Apple’s iPad and its simpler, uncluttered GUI will again wipe them out. Part of the reason why Apple has been successful is because of its ability to tie all three products to the iTunes Music Store, something that other competitors have yet failed to duplicate.

      • brindy

        I bought a PMG Quadpad (800×600 TFT touch screen, Windows XP) back in 2005. Clunky device, stylus driven, must weigh more than 1kg at least, and runs Windows – not surprising it didn’t take off.

      • http://thepinkcrow.com Rachel Nabors

        Actually, Apple has consistently waited out those trends, watching what worked and what didn’t, then launched the products that exemplifies what they saw the market needed/wanted. This is the first time they’ve been the first in on a market, the tablet market.

        I think the iPad looks neat, but it has no pressure sensitivity. What I really want is a digital sketchpad. I will hold off on buying a tablet until one comes out with a pressure sensitive interface.

        Not everyone wants a digital sketchpad, I know, but others might be waiting for a web cam or Flash video support.

        In short, I don’t think the iPad is the end game of the tablet market. I think it’s a product that is going to kick off the game, but I expect someone else to release a much better, targetted device down the road, after everyone’s done making their mistakes and scrambling to copy each other.

      • RJ7855

        “his is the first time they’ve been the first in on a market, the tablet market.”

        What?? there we more tablets announced before Apple´s iPad and now there are more tables AVAILABLE before Apple´s iPad… so how you come by Apple being the first ??

      • http://www.gustavogomez.me Gsquared

        While you can multi-task with a selected Apple created apps, what is nice about the WePad is that you can do whatever you want without Apple trying to control everything. This isn’t some no-name Operating system. It is Linux + Android (Google). Linus has been around for a really long time and is opened source, just like Android. What this means is that innovation happens much faster when anyone has access to the source code.

        Apple is supposed to represent the latest and greatest. However, they take advantage of most “low-tech” consumer’s ignorance about technology specs since they assume Apple is giving them the best (and for the price Apple charges for it’s products, it should). No web cam? Seriously? Wait, that might be an accessory and a way for Apple to get more of your hard earned money.

        The WePad represents a challenge to Apple. And for that, I salute you.

    • RJ7855

      Neither there is any hype for the iPad in Europe.

    • Dave

      Call me crazy, but what I really want is for it to slide into a keyboard dock that makes it function as a laptop. Then you can choose how to use it for the best of both worlds.

      • DCullen

        Lenovo has a pretty cool new device that looks like what you mention here, Lenovo IdeaPad U1… Can’t imagine what it will cost, but all these new techno gadgets are fun! My latest hobby is just checking out the new products being unveiled online daily!

  • http://baja-bob.com bob

    there tons of new ‘slates’ coming out around the arrival of the iPad. Almost every one has better features than the one Apple will offer.

    Adobe Air? That is really cool. I love tweetdeck.

    I still think I am going to wait for the oversized phone Dell is going to offer, nicknamed the Mini 5. Great specs, amazing screen, and still portable.

    • Stranger527

      Just a note about tweetdeck… There is an iPhone app for that. It supports multiple columns and syncs with the tweetdeck service. I imagine that the iPad version of tweetdeck will allow multiple columns displayed on screen.

      Development platforms like Air necessary when you have a strong SDK platform. Even WIRED is developing their e-mag in Air and converting to iPhone OS app so that they can develop for multiple platforms.

  • Chris C

    Are they taking orders? I want one of these! It’s 100 times better than the iPad! and if the OS sucks I guess it will not be a major problem to install Vista on this device =)

    • stevej

      is that a joke? if the OS sucks you’ll install VIsta? which what? doesn’t suck?

    • Steve


      Are you one of those people that enjoys abuse?

  • kartik


  • Andy

    I was at the Cebit stand and it did look pretty neat. My first thought was the crunchpad.

    • tomvons

      Curious, did you get your hands on a physical device?

    • seh

      uh-oh not appearing

    • sehn

      Perhaps, there’s some truth to this ‘wepad’ but me? I prefer something that’s for real. I’m talking about the notion ink adam.

      • youngluck

        delayed. Real deal FAIL.

  • kartik

    I Wonder where do they intend to manufacture this so as to make it cheaper than the iPad with all this hardware inside.

    • Elliot

      different business model. perhaps they can afford to subsidize this more. plus apple over-charges to begin with.

    • http://www.payingptcsites.info Best PTC sites

      Its definately cheaper but not worse
      i think it would be a choice of different crowd
      iPad is what i pad but wepad can be what we pad… :D

  • Damon

    Looks great, good specs, but that name, “WePad” is no better than “iPad.” Instead of feminine hygiene products it makes me think it’s for infant or pet potty time.

  • knitz1

    How about WiiPad?

  • SFTitan

    Very nice. When can we get it in the US?

  • http://kryptiva.com Karim Yaghmour

    I actually like the looks of this. It might turn out to be easier to replace my laptop with this than the iPad. Just give me a 100GB HD and I’m all set :)

  • KM

    Sounds Awesome. When can we get it in US and what is the price?

  • http://.... dev

    it will be obviously at low price….but my vote is for ipad only !!!

  • mark

    I’m betting that’s half the battery life, real world.

  • http://www.mockup2psd.com Daniel

    Let the PAD wars begin!!

    Hopefully apple will adopt these cool features (usb port, camera, etc.,) for their next edition of the iPad.

  • http://chromeoslounge.com Chrome OS Lounge

    very nice. add on a few more months of development to it. We’ll see it end of year :(

  • jj

    very nice…. but I already feel sorry for them; they’ll probably get a call from Apple Legal on Monday.

  • http://www.twitter.com/captaink99 suresh Kumar

    since when did the ePub format (used in the iPad) become proprietary?

    • Matthew Frederick

      Exactly. “Proprietary Apple format from iBooks store” is completely inaccurate.

      • Jeff

        Sure, it does use ePub but with Apple’s own DRM.

        Therefore, you can’t view the books you bought without Apple programs and equipment.

        Using ePub doesn’t mean anything if you’re just going to use your own DRM.

      • Steve

        Wrong. You can view any of the free ePub books in the entire Gutenberg Project on an iPad.

  • http://overheardinprovidence.com EERac

    It’s kind of telling that the screenshots included in this post basically looks like a jumbled mess. I’m not saying this isn’t a solid product, the UI, hardware and OS may be terrific, but it’s important to appreciate that the iPad’s limitations are a big part of why it will be successful. Like the iPhone it will be reliable and super easy to use, as such many users will purchase iPad apps, and as a result, plenty of great iPad software will get written. At that point, you have a self perpetuating cycle that already started with the iPhone (and arguably the iPod before that)

    Admittedly the iPad’s lack of a webcam is a bummer, and I kind of feel like this is tied to a lack of support for background apps (if you have say, iChat, don’t you want that to be able run in the background). I’m less concerned about the lack of USB, since it seems like there may be accessories for that, plus how often do you really want to connect USB peripherals to your ultra portable tablet. Meanwhile, it seems all but inevitable that Apple will add both a webcam and some level of background app support, at which point ease of use and price become what 90% of consumers care about.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1061022770 Elliot

      As windows has demonstrated over the years, a jumbled mess is the best way to build and to maintain market share, because it forces the development of a supply chain of endless layers of tech support. The average person is more comfortable buying a broken product than a functioning product, when you consider that the former is supported by an industry of umpteen hand-holding paradigms, each one customized to the particular needs of this or that average person, (and business) whereas the latter doesn’t come with as many flavors of hand-holding… A product that works is great, but you still need half a brain to get much use out of a product that works… And that’s asking too much of 95% of the population. A product that works simply won’t push hard enough for the development of an entire industry of hand-holders.

      Apple made the GUI popular, but it took Microsoft’s incompetence to make any money off of it. Why should the smart phone or the pad be any different? As much money as Apple is making now off of these new paradigms, you can rest assured that it’s a small fraction of the money that people will throw at these devices once the appropriately jumbled-mess versions hit the shelves and build up their sales and support eco-systems.

      Microsoft may not even be a contender in these new paradigms either… with this many years of experience hacking away at Windows, Microsoft may now be saddled with the burden of having become half-ways competent at GUI and OS design and implementation. Genius like the long line of optimally jumbled mess of Windows operating systems doesn’t happen on purpose, sometimes it takes just plain dumb luck. Bill Gates / Steve Ballmer = Forrest Gump.

      • RJ7855

        I would describe the difference between Apple and windows more like a nice model car (Apple) and a model car made from (Technic) Lego (Windows). While out of the box the Apple may look beter, it may function better as toy car… but when you get bored of playing with the car you can’t change it in something new like with lego, if it breaks you will have to go to the manufacturer to get it fixed (instead of using just another of the shelf lego brick)
        I can understand that there are people perfectly happy with the model car but I´m personally more of a lego girl, building/modifying it is half the fun already and if you spend just a bit of time you can create things never possible with the prebuild model car.

      • Steve

        You’ve never used OSX then?

    • Jeff

      It’s hard to praise a company for offering a lot less just because 90% of the consumer base is made up of incompetent and lazy people.

      Just make your product look shiny…

    • bobbi boss

      Why should the smart phone or the pad be any different? As much money
      as Apple is making now off of these new paradigms, you can rest assured
      that it’s a small fraction of the money that people will throw at these
      devices once the appropriately jumbled-mess versions hit the shelves and
      build up their sales and support eco-systems.  bobbi boss

  • http://mashpedia.com Juan Sosa

    Very neat specially for the cards reader! When will it be at Amazon?

  • http://www.computegeeken.blogspot.com madhu

    great competent for iPad

  • Josh

    The specs are great. The interface…not so much. It’s not that I dislike competition, but why doesn’t anyone get it?

    All those widgets!!! Ahhh! Pointless! It’s a cluttered mess and TC is hailing this as fierce competition. Good reporting, bad prognosticating.

    Android maybe more prevalent in the future based on sheer numbers, but it sure isn’t helping Symbian. You have to remember Apple is the Porsche, BMW to Android/Symbian’s Toyota. They sell more units, but that doesn’t mean its better.

    • Andrew

      If you don’t like widgets… don’t install/use them? It’s better to have the option for people who want them no?

    • beans

      Where exactly did TC hail this as “fierce competition” for the Ipad? To the contrary, while hailing the specs of the WePad, the article suggests that defeating the Ipad and the Kindle would be a tall order for the WePad. Therefore the problem isn’t one of “bad prognosticating” by TC but rather poor reading comprehension by an Apple fanboy.

    • Dave Hanna

      time for a change- Apple’s iPad is absolutely lame. At least this offers some glimmer of hope of a normal pad

      Apple cannot offer the simplest of things:
      Cannot listen to music while you read a book.

      Yet, there will tons of them sold- stupid

      • stevej

        have you ever used an iphone? you can listen to music and do everything on it.

      • Dave H.

        You can read and listen at the same time, do your homework.

      • paul

        you have been able to read and lissen to music at the same time on a kindle since it first came out

      • agraham999

        Actually you can read a book and listen to music at the same time. Plus…what constitutes a “normal pad” in a yet unproven marketplace? I’m not sure you can state normalcy when this is really a new segment with little traction.

      • Dekz

        Uhhhh, of course you can listen to music while you read a book.

      • http://overheardinprovidence.com EERac

        I think it’s pretty much a given that iTunes (like on an iPhone) will be able to play music in the background while you’re using other apps.

      • Vern

        Actually, you can listen to music while reading a book on the iPad. The music app can run simultaneously to other apps, just like on the iPhone or iPod touch.

      • Eyal Nevo

        Where did you see that you can’t listen to music while reading a book? I do it on my iPhone every day.

      • steveH

        “Apple cannot offer the simplest of things:
        Cannot listen to music while you read a book.”

        Odd, I’ve been able to do exactly that for as long as I’ve had a first-generation iPod touch.

        Out of the box, never jail-broken.

      • steveH

        “For example, give me the ability to buy movies, tv shows and music. But since it’s not an Apple device, i suppose it won’t be able to do that.”

        Ask Blackberry how they manage to sync music from iTunes to their own devices. Adhering to the published guidelines for doing exactly that.

        Don’t bother asking Palm, however, how not to do it.

      • Mike

        I don’t know, Dave, but I listen to music while surfing the web or using using my other iPhone /iPod Touch apps on my iPod Touch all the time.

        Stating that the iPad won’t play music while reading an ebook is just a wrong statement. (Since the iPad runs a modified version of the iPhone OS)

        BTW .. I have my iPad pre-ordered but the WePad seems to be a good concept. Hope you enjoy the product.

      • http://www.greenstreet.net PaulH

        “Cannot listen to music while you read a book.” – I thought you would be able to do that, as you would be able to multitask selected Apple apps at once?

      • vitriolix

        Try doing that with Pandora or Last.fm. I do this all the time on my Nexus One and it is really great.

      • tomvons

        You can listen to music and read a book if the music is from iTunes. I assume parent is talking about apps like Pandora which (currently) cannot run in the background along with other apps.

        The iPhone has plenty of multitasking, when it comes to the bundled apps, the problem is with 3rd party apps.

      • cak

        you can tell when someone has to lie, that they don’t have a point.

        you can listen to music no matter what you do, on the ipad, just as you can on the iphone and touch.

      • Mike

        On the iPod Touch, I have been able to listen to music while reading Shakespeare in an ebook format (Just as a test, mind you) and have verified that this is possible.

        Select Apple apps using the iPhone OS (which the iPad uses) can “multitask”. For example, the mail, music, web browser, iCal and Address book apps, to name a few, can perform their functions in the background while the user uses a different application in the forground. (Note: The iPhone OS doesn’t use a “desktop with windows” metaphor for multitasking. In other words, you don’t have a separate “music program” window open on the screen at the same time with other app windows. (There are no windows … only one app is displayed at a time.) That doesn’t mean that other processes in “the background” are inactive.

        Switching between the apps is not done by a “mouse click” between windows .. there is no mouse .. but rather by using a finger touch on another app icon.

        Really .. just play with an iPod Touch for a few minutes and you will know how the iPad will work.

      • DavidK

        “multitask selected Apple apps at once?”

        That is correct. Certain Apple apps can run in the background, so you can use iTunes for any music listening.

        The other side of the coin is that you HAVE to use iTunes, and not any other program. It’d be nice to be able to pick another player, especially since I don’t think iTunes mobile supports web radio…

      • http://www.modernimagestudios.com Wes Craft

        I can listen to music on my iphone while using apps, I don’t know why the ipad would be any different. When an app opens immediately and runs flawlessly why do you need 12 apps open on one small screen?

      • Steven McCormick

        Correct, music can play the entire time other apps are running.

      • http://www.mehlan.de Ferienwohnung Oberstdorf

        That´s an important point! Multitasking should be possible, but maybe Apple wants to avoid criticism that the IPad is not fast enough once more than one App is running.

      • retlaw7

        Um, yes you will. I bet you $1000

      • Jim Hawkins

        “Time for a change”? What the hell are you talking about? The iPad isn’t even out!

      • Jim Hawkins

        Correction to the table is needed. According to Apple’s website the iPad iBooks app will display epub format books; and you can use iTunes to manage your existing epub books. You do not have to buy your books through Apple.

    • AverageCanadian

      See here’s the thing with Android, if you don’t want the widgets you simply just don’t add them. You can have the same boring screen after screen of icons if you really want, but everybody I know with Android has widgets on their main screen because they are useful. It’s nice to have that option. It’s also nice to know this product will allow flash.

    • Adam I.


      Exterminate features!

    • Chozen

      That analogy isn’t working, Toyota owns the market….

      The simple fact that it supports Flash makes it that much better, no need to go through all the other specs.

    • krzystoff

      a more accurate analogy:

      Apple = Cadillac (ie. shiny, slick, over-hyped, over-priced, under-performing, trashy)

      Android = Tesla (ie. technically superior, performance-tuned, expensive, bleeding-edge, eccentric)

      Symbian = Porsche/ BMW (ie. stylish, understated, unreliable, somewhat conservative)

  • aynrand

    This is way cool. I use a Flash based productivity app Zahood.com designed for touchscreen devices. I am waiting on HP slate but now I have changed my mind and will get the WePad.

    • Constable Odo

      You’ll jump to whatever tablet has the best specs at the moment which means you may not get one at all. You may not even want to pay what this company’s asking price is which is hard to say since they’re not telling you it’s price. While the geeks change their loyalty from device to device based on the number of features, the iPad will be selling in the millions of units and low-tech consumers will be more than satisfied.

      Unfinished products don’t make money no matter how many features they’ll have. The Nexus One out-hardwares the iPhone, but Google can hardly give them away. It’s a known fact that geeks do not drive product sales. They’re in a little world of their own and they don’t represent the vast majority of users.

      • MyAbusa

        Yay… I’m not a sheep or lemming or whatever the “majority” is I think for myself & make my own decisions!! Anyone here ride motorcycles? If so, do Apple fanboys remind you of Hardly Davidson riders? Fashion of function?

  • mpmchugh

    Your spec about the ebook format for iPad is incorrect. It is not a “Proprietary Apple format from iBooks store.” All books in the iBooks store will be in the open ePub format, though some or all will have Apple’s Fairplay DRM if the publisher chooses. However Apple has said that any open ePub book from other sources can be synced into iBooks via iTunes.

  • monsterofNone

    “Proprietary Apple format from iBooks store”

    yes. ePub is a proprietary Apple format.

    and the only eReader app available is Apple’s.

    please. do some fact checking.

    • Jarvis

      ePub, the international E-book standard, is HTML (XHTML 1.1 with minor exclusions).


      You need to do some fact checking.

      • Matthew Frederick

        He was, um, being sarcastic.

  • Ron

    Pancake day at MySpace today…why didn’t u write about that TechCrunch ????

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