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After cashing in on Citydeal, Samwer brothers invest in online gaming world Panfu

<img class="shot2" src="" alt="" />The Samwer brothers are at it again. Shortly after <a href="http://eu.beta.techcrunc

Germany's next10 conference – we have tickets to give away

<img class="shot2" title="logo-next" src="" alt="next conference" width="150" height="149" />[Germany] There's only two weeks left until o

The bizarre WePad launch – A chaotic press demo, only video of the UI

<img src="" class="shot2" />[Germany] Fear not, the German iPad competitor, the WePad, really does exist. Over 100 journalists could pro

Friendticker recycles Foursquare's model for Germany, but with a decent CRM backend

<img class="shot2" title="Logo Friendticker" src="" alt="Logo Friendticker" height="51" width="305"/>[Germany] Since <a href="http

Europe's biggest publisher embraces the WePad

<img src="" alt="" />[Germany] Billed as an iPad competitor, the <a href="

Apple iPad? How about a little German innovation instead

<img src="" alt="WePad" title="logo-wepad" width="200" height="75" class="shot" />While every man and his dog is waiting for their <a hre

German Groupon clone Citydeal gets €5m in second round

<img class="shot" title="logo-citydeal" src="" alt="Citydeal" width="220" height="64" />[Germany] The Samwer brothers have done it aga

Samwer brothers pump millions from France and Sweden into their German startups

<img class="shot" src="" alt="" />[Germany] While others hunted for presents, <a href="

While Twitter gets the press, Germany is now a Facebook stronghold

<img src="" alt="twitter" title="twitter" width="220" height="61" class="shot" />[Germany] Although its Twitter user numbers have grown by <

If you can't kill it, bill it: German city charges Google Street View by the kilometre

<div class="wp-caption aligncenter" style="width: 630px;"><img title="Google Street View car" src="" alt="Google Street View car" height="3

German Facebook clone StudiVZ adds support for 3rd party apps – user privacy is paramount

<img class="shot" title="vz-netzwerke" src="" alt="vz-netzwerke" width="302" height="91" />[Germany] Two and a half years <a href="http

Insolvent video startup to avoid the deadpool, apparently

<img class="shot" src="" alt="" />[Germany] Cologne's streaming video startup <a href=""></a>, which <a href="htt

Dailyplaces will share location and recommendations. Sounds familiar?

<img src="" alt="Dailyplaces-logo" title="Dailyplaces-logo" width="278" height="63" class="shot2" />[Germany] Ah, the Appstore app

Conferendum lets anybody teach online and get paid

<img class="shot" title="conferendum" src="" alt="conferendum" width="247" height="65" />[Germany] How would you like to make money from

Germany gets personalised print newspaper made up of blog posts and newspaper articles

<img class="shot" title="Niiu-logo" src="" alt="Niiu-logo" width="152" height="64" />[Germany] Today I should have received my first editi

You've heard of Zynga – now meet Plinga, the latest clone from the Samwers

<img src="" alt="Plinga-logo" title="Plinga-logo" width="200" height="160" class="shot2" />[Germany] It must be great to be in the socia

Xing grows revenue while profit falls – and no LinkedIn takeover likely

<img src="" alt="Logo Xing" class="shot2"/>[Germany] Hamburg based business social network <a href="">Xing</a>,

German students' homework project aims to teach MTV a lesson

<img class="shot" title="logo-semsix" src="" alt="Logo Semsix" width="198" height="59" />[Germany] For years the music industry said tha

Europe's biggest newspaper decides the iPhone browser isn't welcome

<img src="" alt="Logo" title="Logo" width="200" height="127" class="shot2" />So much for the coming mobile nirvana of f

Dumb pipes – why Skype fears Open Source

<img class="shot" src="" alt="Skype" />Skype's Linux version will soon become open source software - and maybe run on ev
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