LG G-Slate, Roll Out! Video Shows What Honeycomb Will Do With iOS

With all the talk of Playbooks and TouchPads these days, it’s sad that poor old LG hasn’t had much traction with their 10-inch G-Slate aka The Optimus Pad.

Well how’s this for traction? This bit of fanfic shows the Optimus Pad fighting, Michael Bay-style, high over a futuristic cityscape. While we all know Honeycomb is going to be amazing, did you know it could shoot fire and lasers?

And smash apples?

The slate, soon to arrive on T-Mobile, features a 3D camera on the back and a 1GHz dual-core Tegra 2 processor with 32GB of memory. It will arrive here in “early Spring,” which could mean March.

You can also expect to see the Optimus Pad next week at MWC. Sadly, however, the streets of Barcelona will probably remain rubble-free as the pad, in real life, is just a slab of plastic and glass unable to move, let alone fight Megatron.

Here is a slightly calmer look at the G-Slate.

via DailyiPhoneBlog