SkyFire for iPhone Brings The Flash To France, Germany, and Italy

After a slightly rocky (but still crazy fruitful) U.S. launch and a seemingly less painful debut in the U.K., SkyFire for iPhone is continuing its international roll out today.

Best known for being that browser that offers up Flash Video playback support on iOS by way of some monkey-in-the-middle proxy magic, SkyFire has been surrounded by its fair share of hype & controversy. Now, everyone in France, Germany, and Italy gets to join in on the fun!

With that, SkyFire is now available in the U.K, U.S, Canada, Italy, Ireland, France, Germany, Australia and New Zealand App Stores.

Even with these international launches, SkyFire hasn’t managed to hold on to the #1 sales/grossing spots they hit on day one. That’s not to say their doing bad, though, by any means — right now, they’re currently sitting at #49 on the Top Sales chart, and #48 on the Top Grossing chart.

Just as it does in the UK, SkyFire will go for 2.39€ in the newly supported countries. At the current conversion value of $3.15, that’s still ever so slightly more than the $2.99 we’d pay in the US; fortunately, you’ve probably got that 16 cent difference floating around between couch cushions somewhere. If anything, consider it, uh, an international shipping fee.