Skyfire puts BlackBerry development on pause, focuses on Android

<img src="" /> You might want to take a seat, BlackBerry fans. Remember all those pictures and details about the <a href="http://w

Skyfire opens up Alpha signups for their Android browser, gets bombarded, closes Alpha signups

We’ll keep this one brief, because the news is likely as much of a bummer for most as it is good news. Skyfire, which is still the only mobile browser able to churn through Flash, Silverlight, Q

Skyfire acquires Kolbysoft, developers of the popular Steel browser for Android

Considering how many times I’ve written about it, it probably goes without saying that I’m a fan of Skyfire . By way of server-side magic (read: proxied data compression), it’s still

Skyfire For Symbian Brought Up To Speed

Between UI enhancements, bug fixes, and neat new features like smooth scrolling, Skyfire has been slamming out the updates as of late — but only for one platform. While the Flash/Silverlight-cap

Skyfire 1.5 Brings A New Interface And A Bunch Of Polish

<img src="" /> Skyfire has come a long way in the past few months. Since shedding the

Skyfire Lights Up New Version Of Rich Windows Mobile Browser

<img src="" width="105" height="200" /> <a href="">Skyfire</a>, the developers of a “game-changing” PC-like w

Mobile browser maker Skyfire adds another $5 million to its war chest

<img src="" width="215" height="88" /><a href="">SkyFire</a> is getting ready to roll with its rich m

SkyFire Raises $5 Million More For Rich Mobile Browser

<img src="" width="215" height="88" /><a href="">SkyFire</a> is getting ready to roll with its rich mobile brow

Rich Mobile Browser Startup Skyfire Snags Travelocity Exec For Top Spot

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Skyfire Burns Through The Beta Tag, Coming Soon For BlackBerry

After 473 days of beta testing and many, many preliminary releases, the rich multimedia mobile browser Skyfire has just hit version 1.0. Though Skyfire’s biggest features (namely, its ability to

Skyfire for BlackBerry Alpha gets exhaustively leaked

We’re big fans of the Skyfire browser around these parts, largely due to its ability to chew up and spit out Flash video on Windows Mobile and Symbian handsets. When we heard that Skyfire was co

Skyfire bumped up to 0.9, learns to be social

Skyfire, a mobile browser for Windows Mobile and S60 which quickly became a favorite around these parts for its abilities to playback Flash video and a number of other rich media formats, has just got

Apple dismounts from high horse, approves 3rd Party Browsers

Whoa! Has Apple just changed its mind on one of the lamest policies plaguing its App Store? In the weeks after the App Store submission process went live, a number of developers got a big smack in the

Skyfire browser now open to Canadians

A quick recap for those who haven’t been following the mobile browser scene for a while: Skyfire, currently available for Windows Mobile 5/6 and S60, is the only mobile browser supporting full A

Skyfire mobile browser now open to everybody

After months of private beta, Skyfire, a free mobile browser lauded for offering support for Flash, AJAX, and other goodies generally reserved for PC browsers, has opened its doors to the public. Just

Still trying to get into the Skyfire Beta? Heres the way.

Even with Skyfire opening the floodgates for about a week back in August and sites around the tubes having given away bags and bags of beta keys, I’m still getting e-mails asking if there are an

Despite NBC's Lameness, You Can Get Full Olympics Video On Your Phone. Skyfire Does Silverlight

NBC is lame. I’m sorry. They are making it really hard to watch videos of the Olympics anywhere but on their site. That would be fine with me, but as a user with an older Mac, I’m shut out

Skyfire Brings Full Browser Experience To Nokia S60 Phones (200 Private Beta Invites)

Throw out that WAP browser on your cell phone. We are quickly approaching a point where a full browser experience is available on our mobile devices. And it is not just the iPhone. A startup called Sk

Can the Skyfire mobile browser shake things up a bit?

I’ve been keeping my eye on this Skyfire news since I read Rafe Needleman’s post about it this morning and most people seem to be pretty excited about the service. According to the company