• For the Nintendo 3DS? Hitachi develops glasses-free, mobile 3D display

    Sony, Panasonic, NEC and now Sharp: All of these Japanese tech powerhouses are playing the 3D game now, but what about Hitachi? The biggest (sales-wise) of them all has been working on a glasses-free 3D projection system and sells a 3D cell phone in Japan (pictured), but Hitachi has been relatively quiet in terms of 3D. Today, however, Hitachi Displays announced [JP] the development of a… Read More

  • Sharp unveils glasses-free 3D display for ebook readers, tablets

    It was just a matter of time, but now Sharp has unveiled a 10.6-inch display [JP], which is 3D, can be used without glasses and is suitable for e-book readers, tablet PCs and digital photo frames. Just like with the 3D TV the company showed today, technical details are relatively scarce (both devices were publicly shown for the first time today). Read More

  • Sharp announces world’s first four-primary-color, super-bright 3D LCD

    We all know Sharp is particularly strong in the LCD panel space, which means it’s not a big surprise the company is the first to announce a 3D LCD with four base colors (Sharp has added yellow to the usual trio of red, green and blue). The company also claims the new screen is about 80% brighter than conventional models, boasting the highest brightness in the industry. Read More

  • For the Nintendo 3DS? Sharp unveils glasses-free 3D touchscreen [Update: Video]

    Glasses-free 3D displays for mobile devices are nothing new. Hitachi, for example, started selling a 3D-enabled handset [JP] in Japan as early as last year. The Hitachi product didn’t make much of a splash, but Sharp’s new parallax barrier-based 3D display for mobile devices (which the company announced today) appears to be pretty cool. Read More

  • IS01: Sharp to roll out Android smartbook

    There’s just one Android phone currently available in Japan, one of the biggest mobile markets in the world. But the HTC Magic, which Japan’s biggest telco, NTT Docomo, started distributing last summer, will soon be joined by the Sharp IS01 [JP] – which is not really a “smartphone”, but rather being marketed as an MID or “smartbook” instead. Read More

  • Sharp Japan's cordless phone system features integrated photo frame

    Back in August 2009, we covered a cordless phone offered by Sharp Japan that could be connected to a portable 7-inch touch panel via infrared. That panel could be used as a digital picture frame, for example. And yesterday, the same company announced [JP] the JD-4C1CW, which again links a cordless phone to a touch screen. This time, the display is part of the phone. Read More

  • Microsoft's Pink concept phone becomes less of a concept, shows up on FCC

    Remember when people were all excited about Microsoft’s weird tablet stuff? And the phone they were supposed to make? Well, it seems the FCC has released images of an upcoming “Turtle” phone, the PB10ZU. Read More

  • Samsung and Sharp settle dispute over LCD patents

    They fought each other in courts in the USA, Europe, Japan and Korea since summer 2007, but now Samsung and Sharp finally settled [Sharp’s official press release in English] all their ongoing lawsuits over LCD technology patents. The suits (initiated by Sharp) concerned a total of five different LCD-related technologies Sharp owned, i.e. regarding the “brightness, response speeds… Read More

  • More LED-backlit LCD TVs: Sharp announces another four models

    LED-backlit panels are becoming more and more mainstream, with nearly every 16:9 laptop coming out lately boasting that feature. Apple said as early as 2008 they would start using LED backlights for every one of their notebooks (and the iPad has those, too). LED-backlit LCD TVs are catching on, too, providing greater dynamic contrast compared with CCFL-backlit LCDs and making it possible to… Read More

  • Sharp to bring solar-powered cell phone to China (and possibly elsewhere, too)

    Sharp, the biggest (in terms of market share) of all eight major Japanese cell phone makers, has been talking about internationalizing its phone business for quite some time now. It makes sense, as the domestic market is shrinking and as Sharp only sold 20% of all their cell phones outside Japan (1.6 million units) last fiscal. Read More

  • Sharp goes its own way, doesn't lose its mind promoting 3D TV (like everyone else has)

    Let’s have a round of applause for Sharp, which could be the only TV manufacturer here that isn’t freaking out over 3D. (Not that it, too, doesn’t have 3D TVs on its roster, but it doesn’t treat them as the be-all, end-all.) Instead, Sharp made the brave decision to try something different, which, you’ll recall, adds yellow to the usual threesome of red, green… Read More

  • Hands-on with Sharp's new quadpixel display in the LE920

    Here it is, AV geeks: an RGBY LED panel. Yup, that means there is now a yellow pixel involved which is sure to improve, well, videos of sunflowers and Big Bird. Actually it increases the visible colors from the billions to the trillions. That’s big and this announce could very well be the most important HDTV news of CES 2010. Seriously. 3D is a fade, this big. Click through for a gallery… Read More

  • Sharp develops efficient solar cells for use in outer space

    Earlier this year, we reported twice about Japan’s serious plans to go to outer space to generate solar energy and then beam it back to Mother Earth. And today, Sharp has shown the first solar cell that’s not only bendable (we’ve seen that before) but that also withstands conditions in space. In addition, the company says those cells boast a record-high solar efficiency of 36%. Read More

  • Report: Sharp and Philips agree on LCD TV deal

    The consolidation process in the TV business continues and now even becomes international. Just last month, Sharp inked a “historical” joint venture deal with former rival Sony, agreeing to supply LED backlights to Sony for their LCD TVs (which happened this month). Read More

  • Video: Sharp's chocolate cell phone

    You know when a given country, in this case the nation of Japan, is over-saturated with cell phones when you get to see something like this: A cell phone that’s supposed to be similar in shape to a chocolate bar, available in two versions: Melty Bitter (brown) and Melty Strawberry (pink). The Sharp SH-04B [JP] is part of NTT Docomo’s winter line-up of new handsets for the… Read More

  • Sharp to go Android next year as first Japanese cell phone maker

    Android is still in its infancy in Japan where most domestic makers still stick with their proprietary operating systems, with basically no one outside the geek community knowing what it is. But things are changing slowly. Last week, SoftBank (the country’s third biggest cell phone carrier) announced an Android-powered phone for next year when the company announced their new models for… Read More

  • Report: Sony and Sharp shake hands in another LCD TV deal

    Globally speaking, there is one clear leader in the LCD TV business: Samsung. The company commands a 23.2% share in this segment, with Sony (13.7%) and Sharp (7%) almost hopelessly behind (according to DisplaySearch). So in June this year already, Sony and Sharp inked a joint venture deal to produce LCD TVs together. And today, the Nikkei (Japan’s biggest business publication), reports… Read More

  • Sharp to release world's most efficient solar cell

    Sharp Japan announced today it has developed a solar cell with the world’s highest conversion efficiency [press release in English]. The new product features an conversion efficiency of 35.8%, while Sharp only achieved 31.5% with the previous model. The latest model is a compound solar cell, in which two or more elements form photo-absorption layers (see the graphic below). Read More

  • Photo dialing, solar cellphones, and newspapers on TV: only in Japan

    Sharp has on display a number of fun new gadgets at CEATEC. As is all too often the case, these things are for Japanese release only (at least for now). Maybe we’ll see them in a couple years. Read on for details on a dial-by-photo phone, newspapers on TV, solar-charging cell phones, and the Sharp Netwalker! Read More

  • Sleep deprived? Just watch this Sharp Netwalker unboxing

    Next time I need a nice long nap I’m going queue up this video of some Russian dude going through the Sharp NetWalker PC-Z1. This monster video is 30 minutes long and involves such exciting discoveries as “a Youtube Player,” “spreadsheet clicking,” and “sniffles on camera.” This video is truly akin to watching an old man try to fold a an old… Read More

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