• New York Alleges LCD Price-Fixing By LG, Hitachi, Samsung, and Sharp

    Accusations of price fixing like those now being filed in New York are nothing new, but as it turns out, the penalties don’t really stick. LG and Sharp paid hundreds of millions in a settlement back in 2008, Hitachi had its own scandal in 2009, and Sharp is already the defendant in a Dell lawsuit also alleging price fixing. Samsung seems to be the new kid on the block, but I think they… Read More

  • Sharp To Launch Glasses-Free 3D Smartphone By Year-End – Globally

    The 3D craze continues to find its way into the cell phone market. Sharp has today announced plans to launch a smartphone that features both the 3D screen (pictured) and the 3D camera the company unveiled earlier this year. While this doesn’t come as much of a surprise, a Sharp representative today stressed the phone will be available by year end – globally. Read More

  • This is Sharp's new e-dictionary, not a Blackberry

    Japan is a huge market for electronic dictionaries, even though a good number of cell phones in this country come with decent dictionaries pre-installed. While most Japanese e-dictionaries are designed like micro-notebooks, market leader Sharp today announced [JP] a model of a different kind. For reasons unknown, their PW-AC10 looks much like a Blackberry (or a knock-off). Read More

  • Sharp planning to launch e-reader

    Another day, another e-reader. Sharp, manufacturer of all things high tech (although I honestly haven’t seen them on the American market much recently) is planning to launch and e-book reader that may run on the Verizon network. The reader will use Sharp’s own XMDF (ever-eXtending Mobile Document Format) for e-book files. The company offers 29,000 titles in XMDF for Japanese… Read More

  • Sharp Blu-ray recorders support quadruple-layer discs with 128GB capacity

    The 100GB BDXL Blu-rays Sharp unveiled today are nice and all, but they’re useless with all Blu-ray recorders that are currently on the market. That’s why Sharp Japan also announced [press release in English] not one but two new Blu-ray recorders (the BD-HDW700/pictured and BD-HDW70) that will actually support the BDXL format. Read More

  • Sharp announces world's first triple-layer Blu-ray disc (100GB capacity)

    Progress in the Blu-ray world: Sharp Japan announced [press release in English] the VR-100BR1 today, the world’s first Blu-ray disc that’s compatible to the BDXL format. In other words, you’ll soon be able to store up to 100GB of data on the three-layer discs, twice as much as the capacity conventional dual discs have. Read More

  • New Sharp LCD controller allows dual displays on mobile devices with half-XGA resolution

    Mobile devices that feature dual displays with half-XGA (480 x 1,024) resolution each? According to Sharp, we can get cell phones, portable gaming consoles, and eBook readers with that feature soon, thanks to their new LR388G9 controller [press release in English]. The company says it boosted image processing speeds and built-in video memory from 16Mbits to 32Mbits with the new controller. Read More

  • Video: Sharp's 30-screen display system boasts world’s thinnest frame width

    Sharp today in Japan presented the PN-V601 [press release in English], a multi.screen display system, which – at 6.5mm – features the world’s thinnest bezel separation. In other words, Sharp managed to design the display, which consists of up to thirty 60-inch LCDs, so that it (almost) looks like one gigantic, “individual” screen. Read More

  • Sharp unveils world's first 3D HD camera module for mobile devices

    Sharp really believes in 3D, it seems. In the past weeks the company presented a new 3D touchscreen for mobile devices, then the world’s first four-primary 3D display, followed by a 3D e-book reader. And today Sharp in Japan unveiled [press release in English] the world’s first 3D camera module that can be used in mobile devices such as cell phones, cameras or portable gaming systems. Read More

  • Sharp, Panasonic, Fujitsu, NEC jointly develop new mobile OS

    Just last week, we asked the question if the world needs yet another mobile operating system (Samsung’s Bada). Now it turns out Japan’s biggest cell phone carrier, NTT DoCoMo, apparently thinks the answer is yes. The telecom behemoth (55 million customers in Japan) today announced [press release in English] the development of a brand new “application platform for mobile… Read More

  • Sharp announces another batch of AQUOS TVs with built-in Blu-ray recorders

    In Japan, Sharp has been offering AQUOS LCDs with integrated Blu-ray players or recorders for quite some time now. And today, the company announced [JP] the AQUOS DX3 series, which consists of another five of those TVs (with built-in Blu-ray recorders) for the Japanese market. Read More

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