OnlyFans bans explicit content

OnlyFans has announced that it will ban sexually explicit content starting in October. The platform was not built specifically for porn but that has grown to be its most popular and visible use case,

Tinder founder funds sex tips app Lover

Want to spice up the bedroom without paying for pills or awkward visits to a sex therapist? A new app called Lover lets you take a sexual personality quiz, explore carnal knowledge tutorials and discr

Kiiroo launches an adventure in bi-directional teledildonics

In the future everyone will be naked for fifteen minutes. It’s with this novel thought in mind that I connect with a model named Nazanin who will walk me through the new world of bi-directional

Indianapolis vice cop says SESTA/FOSTA closure of Backpage has ‘blinded’ investigators

Online sex market Backpage was seized in April following new regulation intended to stem human trafficking, but the results haven't been entirely positive. This story of Indianapolis cops reverting to

Unbound’s Polly Rodriguez talks about the future of sexuality

Unbound is a self-described sextech webshop for rebellious women, and its founder, Polly Rodriguez, is a unique and fascinating representative for the site. In this Technotopia podcast I talk to Rodri

Unbound raises $2.7 million for women’s sexual wellness

Unbound, a sexual wellness startup for women, recently raised $2.7 million from Founders Fund, Slow Ventures, Arena Ventures, SoGal Ventures and others. Founded by Polly Rodriguez of Women of SexTech,

Startup raises $800,000 to improve sex education

Sex education startup recently raised $800,000 to help achieve its goal of offering easy access to sex-positive, inclusive and comprehensive education around sex and sexuality. Sex is one of

Lovely is finally shipping the Fitbit for sexy times

Do you and your partner often do sex? Do you want to know how much sex you’re doing? And do you want to know how good it is and how good it could be? What is sex? Does anyone know? Can Lovely he

Indiegogo launches After Dark collection for saucy crowdfunding campaigns

Indiegogo is going a long way towards making crowdfunding sexy again. Whether you like sticking your private parts in things, or sticking things in your private parts, Indiegogo's got your back. And y

A New Media Market Makes Playboy Drop The Nudes

According to a New York Times media report the venerable Playboy magazine will soon go nude-free. I quote: ´┐╝Mr. Hefner, now 89, but still listed as editor in chief, agreed. As part of a redesign tha

Crave’s Vesper Is A Vibrator That Hides In Plain Sight

In a market filled with many, many, many sex toys, Crave stands out by making vibrators that are not only elegant and discreet, but also multifunctional. For example, Duet, the first vibe it produced,

Are Secret’s Raging Hormones A Problem Or An Opportunity?

I can't recall the exact wording on the short-lived post that found its way into my personal feed on Secret, the anonymish sharing app, the other day. But the illustrative image behind it was less eas

OhMiBod’s New Remote App Will Let You Pleasure Your Partner No Matter The Distance

Long-distance is where it's at for sex toy makers, and though <a target="_blank" href="">OhMiBod</a> was one of the first in the industry to deliver app-compatible vibrators, th

Twitter Now Lets Its Self-Service Advertisers Access Advanced Campaign Tools, Target Based On Interests, Device Or Sex

Twitter wants brands to be able to target their ads effectively, otherwise why would you spend money to spray and pray your message to every single person on the network? Since the micro networking si

Soft Core: Why Do Sex Toy Makers Have Such Horrible Videos?

We wrote about <a target="_blank" href="">Vibease</a> back in early September and I called it <a href="

MySecretLuxury Is A Concierge Service For Romance, Love, Potentially Sex

Hey, how you doing? You're really pretty in that dress and those shoes. Are those shoes new? No? Could have fooled me. Sit down a minute. I just want to look at you. Did you see that fight outside? To

Cartoonist’s Lawyer Responds To FunnyJunk: The Oatmeal Will Not Cave

It's on now. Matthew Inman at the The Oatmeal has hired a crackerjack lawyer, Venkat Balasubramani, who sent a <a target="_blank" href="

Post Pedophile Scandal, Habbo Hotel Is Opening For Business Again

<a target="_blank" href="">Sulake</a>, the developers behind the children's virtual world <a target="_blank" href="">Habbo Hotel</a>, is preparing to reop

Cosmo Releases Sex Position of the Day App For Android, I Release Bile

Do you like sex with other people? Do you like Android? While it is my opinion that those two questions are mutually exclusive, someone, somewhere matches those two criteria. Thankfully, Cosmopolitan

NSFW: The Evolution of the Vibrator

<img src=""><p>"Vibration is Life," read a print commercial from 1910 advertising a vibrator. This hot new technology became available a
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