OhMiBod’s New Remote App Will Let You Pleasure Your Partner No Matter The Distance

Long-distance is where it’s at for sex toy makers, and though OhMiBod was one of the first in the industry to deliver app-compatible vibrators, the implementation didn’t allow truly long-distance or remote partner pleasuring.

Until now.

The company, which is best known for their digitally connected vibrators, is crowdfunding a brand new app called OhMiBod Remote, which not only allows for a number of different interactions but is also powered by Bluetooth, giving partners a bit more wiggle room about being in a different room, etc.

For now, the app only has a standard Bluetooth range of about 50 feet, but the campaign will also fund an update that allows the app to work no matter the distance between the vibrator and the smartphone through Wifi integration.

Originally, OhMiBod’s app only let you turn the vibrators on or off, and the phone had to be within visual range of the vibrator because they were connected via RF. With Bluetooth, that’s no longer true. Plus, Bluetooth offers up some cool options for functionality.

For example, the audio chip in the phone can let you control the vibrator with your voice or music. Users can also tap out certain rhythms and then play them back to their partner. App controllers have the option to adjust the intensity of the vibrator, as well as save certain patterns for later use.

The person using the app, and not the vibrator, can also see in real-time what’s happening on the other end through a pulsing blue heart on the screen.

The app is backwards compatible with five different styles of OhMiBod vibrators.

If you want to learn more about OhMiBod and the Remote app, head on over to the Indiegogo campaign here.