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Read, which lets you measure how well a meeting is going, is now a Zoom Essential App

Read, the app that lets meeting organizers read the virtual room and see how engaged (or not) participants are, is now one of Zoom’s Essential Apps. This means Zoom customers, Zoom One Pro Business

Fresh from controversy, contact center analytics firm Loris raises $12M

While some surveys show that people prefer to talk to a human as opposed to a chatbot, whether they’re shopping online or dealing with a customer service issue, that hasn’t dissuaded compa

Cogito scores $37M as AI-driven sentiment analysis biz grows

Cogito announced a $37 million Series C investment today led by Goldman Sachs Growth Equity. Previous investors Salesforce Ventures and OpenView also chipped in. Mark Midle of Goldman Sachs’ Mercha

Google Cloud’s Natural Language API gets content classification and more granular sentiment analysis

Google Cloud announced two updates this morning to its Natural Language API. Specifically users will now have access to content classification and entity sentiment analysis. These features are particu

Google planning AI tools for Pi makers this year

Google is intending to expand the dev tools available to makers using the Raspberry Pi microprocessor to power their projects this year -- potentially offering software tools for face- and emotion-rec

SentiOne raises $3.5 million to monitor social media

While it’s not exactly sentient, SentiOne sure sounds like it should be. This Polish company watches social media for brands allowing you to create an instant monitor for any topic. Founded by B

Cognovi Labs will study the presidential debates tonight with their emotional sentiment tool

TechCrunch first reported on Cognovi Labs back in June when the Dayton, Ohio-based analytics startup correctly predicted the Brexit outcome hours ahead of the final vote. Tonight, the company has set

The Twitris sentiment analysis tool by Cognovi Labs predicted the Brexit hours earlier than polls

Cognovi Labs is a new analytics startup that relies on Twitris to take a sample of social media chatter to deduce real-time, large-scale, automated sentiment about specific topics. As a real-world exa

Aylien launches news analysis API powered by its deep learning tech

Text analysis startup Aylien, which uses deep learning and NLP algorithms to parse text and extract intel from documents for its customers, has launched a new tool specifically focused on analyzing wr

Lexalytics Acquires Semantria To Bring Sentiment Analysis To The Masses

Lexalytics is looking to bring sentiment analysis to smaller firms around the globe with the acquisition of Semantria, whose Excel-based sentiment analysis tool offers an easy, affordable way to find

Emotient Raises $6M For Facial Expression Recognition Tech, Debuts Google Glass Sentiment Analysis App

<a target="_blank" href="">Emotient</a>, a startup based out of San Diego that works in the emerging area of facial expression recognition, is today announcing a $6 million roun

Big Data Could Cripple Facebook

So there's this startup called <a target="_blank" href="">SmogFarm</a>, which does big-data sentiment analysis, "pulse of the planet" stuff. I <a href="

Adeven’s New App Store Sentiment Analysis Tool Helps Developers Draw Useful Conclusions From App Reviews

App Store advertising firm adeven today unveiled a new tool for its apptrace mobile analytics platform, which provides sentiment analysis for the App Store's 24 million reviews. The free service lets

Web Hosting Reviews Are A Cesspool. Review Signal Wants To Fix That

Have you ever tried to search the web for reviews of web hosting services? Search results typically fall into two categories: A) Spammers posting rankings and positive reviews to get a cut of the sign

Study: Twitter Sentiment Mirrored Facebook’s Stock Price Today

<a href="">Facebook's IPO</a> was obviously the single most discussed topic on Twitter today. The good folks over at social medi

Track Consumer Opinions On Cars, Movies, Phones, and Vegetables On Amplicate

<img src=""> There are a lot of sentiment analysis tools out there to track how people feel about any given topic under the Facebook/Twitt