Track Consumer Opinions On Cars, Movies, Phones, and Vegetables On Amplicate

There are a lot of sentiment analysis tools out there to track how people feel about any given topic under the Facebook/Twitter Sun. Newly-launched Amplicate bills itself as an opinion engine for consumers—a place where they can learn what other people really think about products, brands, people, places, and anything else.

You can find out in realtime what are the top movies, car brands, mobile phones, tech blogs, or even vegetables people are talking about on Twitter and Facebook. (Blogs and other opionionated data sources will be added soon). People apparently love pumpkins right now (I wonder why). You can also add your own opinion to the site and vote up the best opinions, and chart the sentiment of any give keyword against the average for that topic.

“Ultimately, our service is about advocacy,” says CEO Juan Alvarez; “hence the strong opinions—we are not a reviews website—this is about people who feel strongly and want to get their point across. We group similar opinions so we all have a stronger voice.”

For each topic, you can see a list of recent Tweets and opinions, and what percentage are positive or negative. For instance, 93 percent of people love Netflix, but only 47 percent love the iPad. Like all sentiment analysis engines, this one isn’t always accurate, but it is consistent and should improve over time.