SEGA workers are forming a union

A group of 144 workers are forming a union at SEGA’s American headquarters in Irvine, California. SEGA follows in the footsteps of workers at other gaming companies like Microsoft-owned ZeniMax

Sega to acquire Angry Birds-maker Rovio for $775M

Japanese gaming giant Sega has confirmed that it’s buying Finland’s Rovio in an all-cash deal worth €706 million ($775 million). News first emerged back in January that Israeli mobile ga

How Dropbox, Nike, Salesforce, MailChimp, Google and Pepsi welcome their new hires

The first day of work at a new job can be very stressful. Different companies have their own traditions to help make this period of transition more comfortable and memorable for new hires...

Analogue’s Mega Sg is the Sega Genesis Mini alternative for the discerning retro gaming fan

The official Sega Genesis Mini is coming in September and hopes to capitalize on some of the retro gaming hype that turned the Super Nintendo and NES Mini Classic editions into best-sellers. But there

Sonic the Hedgehog director says character is getting makeover after backlash

In 2006, New Line Cinema added five days of reshoots for Snakes on a Plane, six months after principal filming had wrapped. The new shoots helped change the film’s rating from PG-13 to R, courte

Ready or not, the first Sonic the Hedgehog trailer is here

It’s been 28 years since Sonic the Hedgehog first arrived on home gaming consoles. In some senses, a feature film is long overdue. But if history has taught us anything, that might be for the best.

Sega’s Genesis/Mega Drive Mini arrives in September

Whether you call it the Genesis or the Mega Drive, Sega’s 16-bit system holds a special place in the hearts of many a gamer who came of age in the 1980s and 1990s. Like the NES and Super Nintendo be

Playmaji is looking to bring its modular retro-gaming console to market

Tucked away in a far corner of the West Pavilion of the Los Angeles Convention center among the independent game developers showcased by IndieCade during E3 is a small booth demonstrating the latest

Machine Learning Zone: OpenAI competition takes on Sonic the Hedgehog

Retro video games have been a useful platform for machine learning research for years, and the systems created have been creeping through the classics, mastering them as they go. Sonic the Hedgehog ma

A history of video game console failures

The history of console gaming is littered with high-profile flops, middling also-rans and vaporware never-weres. In fact, the stories of console failures are perhaps even more compelling than the tale

Sega adds Virtua Tennis Challenge to its free mobile game lineup

Sega’s making good on its promise to continue adding titles to its Sega Forever library of mobile games – the latest is the Dreamcast classic Virtua Tennis Challenge. The Sega Forever model se

SEGA’s new SEGA Forever collection brings classic games to mobile for free

SEGA is bringing some of your favorite games to mobile in new, free-to-play formats that include ads as a way to drive revenue, support offline play and other more modern features like cloud saves. Th

Stealthy gaming company Wonder is ready to tease its new mystery hardware

Wonder, the incredibly stealthy new gaming company, has quietly created a signup page for information and perks related to its plans for global domination of the gaming market from its Los Angeles hea

Return to simpler, more pixelated times with Sega game soundtracks now on Spotify

It's been a rough day, and maybe what you need is a few chiptunes from Sega's arcade and console hits. Many cartridges' worth have just been added to the company's Spotify channel.

The History Of Gaming: An Evolving Community

Since its commercial birth in the 1950s as a technological oddity at a science fair, gaming has blossomed into one of the most profitable entertainment industries in the world. The mobile technology b

Show Your Old-School Gaming Love With These Sega Console iPhone Cases

I don't always post about iPhone cases... but when I do, I prefer retro gaming ones. Sure, you could have a cool metallic case, or go all-leather, or make your phone look like R2-D2 — but when y

Two-Pound Handy Gear Might Be A Little Much, Even For Sega Fanatics

<img src="">This wild Game Gear and Master System-playing mod uses the guts of a Game Gear, a PS One screen, and the original bu

The Hacks Continue: Sega Pass Breached

The latest victim in this rash of cyberattacks is Sega, whose own gaming network and marketplace Sega Pass has been compromised. The site says it’s “going through some improvements”

Toylet: Sega's Video Game System For Toilets Gets Priced And Dated (Video)

<img src="" /> Do you remember the Toylet, the bizarre <a href="

Sega Auctions Rare Items For Japanese Relief

<img src="" />A few days after the Japan disaster struck, you could find numerous Japanese gaming companies pledging millions of do
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