• The History Of Gaming: An Evolving Community Crunch Network

    The History Of Gaming: An Evolving Community

    Since its commercial birth in the 1950s as a technological oddity at a science fair, gaming has blossomed into one of the most profitable entertainment industries in the world. The mobile technology boom in recent years has revolutionized the industry and opened the doors to a new generation of gamers. Indeed, gaming has become so integrated with modern popular culture that now even grandmas… Read More

  • Show Your Old-School Gaming Love With These Sega Console iPhone Cases

    Show Your Old-School Gaming Love With These Sega Console iPhone Cases

    I don’t always post about iPhone cases… but when I do, I prefer retro gaming ones. Sure, you could have a cool metallic case, or go all-leather, or make your phone look like R2-D2 — but when you can have a Dreamcast on the back, those other options seem to lose their luster. Read More

  • Two-Pound Handy Gear Might Be A Little Much, Even For Sega Fanatics

    This wild Game Gear and Master System-playing mod uses the guts of a Game Gear, a PS One screen, and the original buttons from the original device to offer a fairly massive package full of retro fun. Made by loveablechevy, it includes a rechargable battery and, as mentioned before, weighs more than a Motorola Xoom. Read More

  • The Hacks Continue: Sega Pass Breached

    The latest victim in this rash of cyberattacks is Sega, whose own gaming network and marketplace Sega Pass has been compromised. The site says it’s “going through some improvements” but a message to members reveals that they’re locking it down until the situation is back under control. What was leaked? Fortunately just emails, DOBs, and encrypted passwords. Nothing… Read More

  • Toylet: Sega's Video Game System For Toilets Gets Priced And Dated (Video)

    Do you remember the Toylet, the bizarre video game system from Sega that can be placed inside urinals and allows you to control on-screen action with your pee? The Toylet’s core elements are an LCD screen (placed above the urinal) and a speed sensor to track the “pressure level” of your stream. Read More

  • Sega Auctions Rare Items For Japanese Relief

    A few days after the Japan disaster struck, you could find numerous Japanese gaming companies pledging millions of dollars toward disaster relief. That’s still the case, but I also wanted to mention what Sega of America was doing to help. The company has put a number of items up for auction on eBay, and 100 percent of the proceeds will, naturally, go to disaster relief. Read More

  • Total Refinement: Total War: Shogun 2

    Make no mistake about it: Total War: Shogun 2, available today at fine retailers, both real and digital, is the Total War experience perfected. A tighter, more focused experience all around, Shogun 2 puts you in control of one of nine different clans in 16th century Japan, scheming and warring your way to Kyoto, the home of the ruling shogunate. Will you cover your daimyo in glory, or will… Read More

  • Dreamcast Collection Coming To Xbox 360, PC On February 22

    The long-awaited Dreamcast collection for the Xbox 360 and PC now has a release date: February 22. The collection includes Sonic Adventure, Crazy Taxi, Space Channel 5: Part 2 (ha!), and Sega Bass Fishing. No price available just yet. Read More

  • Sega Toylets Allow You To Game With Your John Thomas

    If you thought those old commercials when the guy would yell “SEGA” really loud after showing off Sonic were good, how about a Sega game that adds that pleasurable post-micturition chill to an otherwise dull game of “blow up the Japanese girl’s skirt?” Now I’ve got your attention, right? Read More

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