Sega adds Virtua Tennis Challenge to its free mobile game lineup

Sega’s making good on its promise to continue adding titles to its Sega Forever library of mobile games – the latest is the Dreamcast classic Virtua Tennis Challenge. The Sega Forever model sees the game maker releasing games from its previous console generations as free-to-play ad supported mobile games, with an optional in-app purchase to get rid of the adds permanently.

The addition of Virtua Tennis Challenge brings in another of its existing redesigned mobile games, which have already been tailored for use on iOS and Android devices. The game used to cost $5 outright, but now it’s free as mentioned, and a $1.99 one-time purchase will unlock the ad-free version.

Sega’s doing mobile gaming right with this approach to exploiting its back catalog, giving people a way to build up their library of classics on devices they’ll always have close to hand without spending a fortune. It’s a far better experience than, say, Nintendo’s classic console sales on its home and portable gaming systems, which tend to be locked in and not passed between hardware generations.

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