Show Your Old-School Gaming Love With These Sega Console iPhone Cases

I don’t always post about iPhone cases… but when I do, I prefer retro gaming ones. Sure, you could have a cool metallic case, or go all-leather, or make your phone look like R2-D2 — but when you can have a Dreamcast on the back, those other options seem to lose their luster.

It’s one of those things you can have that passively sorts through the crowd and only grabs the attention of those who are in the know. I have an Evangelion shirt that does the same and I’m proud. Anyone who sees you rocking a Genesis on your ear will come up and give you a Sonic-style fist bump. You too will feel as cool as the guy in the picture does.

You have a choice of Saturn, Dreamcast, or the aforementioned Genesis. All cost ¥2100, or 27 of your United States dollars. Plus a few ¥ for shipping, of course.

Wait, where’s the Nomad? You can’t rewrite history, Sega!

[via GameSetWatch]