How to track Santa Claus this Christmas Eve

If you’re a parent with young children, then you’ll probably hear this a lot on Christmas Eve: “Where’s Santa right now?” With tracking tools like the NORAD Santa Tracker and Google’s

Here’s how to track Santa on Christmas Eve

As per tradition, Google’s Santa Tracker is live today across Android, Google Maps and, helping parents and children alike track Santa’s journey from the North Pole as he be

JibJab Acquires Make Believe Studios, Makers Of Video Calling App Hello Santa

JibJab Bros. Studios, which is the parent company to and the StoryBots apps, has made its first major purchase in its 15-year history, with the announcement that it's acquiring a startup ca

Tracking Santa Has Never Been So Technologically Friendly

Tradition is a beautiful thing. As the world speeds up, goes digital, and eventually airborne, certain traditions keep us grounded throughout the years. One such tradition is tracking Santa across the

“Hello Santa” Offers A Memorable, But Pricey, Video Call With A Real-Life Santa

Want to FaceTime Santa? There's an app for that. A new video chat app called "<a target="_blank" href="">Hello Santa</a>" offers you and your child a one-on-one with the joll

Tired Of Mean And Nasty YouTube Comments? The YuleTube Browser Extension Will Fix That

If you’ve ever gone “deep” into the nastiness that the YouTube commenting section can be, then you know that it’s not a pretty place. Depending on the type of content you&#8217

What did you ask Santa Claus for Christmas?

<img src="" /> It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! As such—and humor us for a minute here—we'd like to know what

NORAD + Google Maps = Santa Tracker

Tonight, Xmas Eve, we will have a full moon, Mars will be at its brightest in years, and clear skies over most of the nation. But if you need more help finding Santa tonight, NORAD has teamed up with

Want to know how Santa really feels?

Then call this number: 413-241-2498 Thanks to CG reader Joe’s sister, Michele, for the good laugh. I really needed it today.

Video: Santa Claus gets a Mac in latest Apple ad

Just in time for the holidays, Apple has released a new ad that brings together the Mac dude, the PC square and Santa. The hilarious part here is that PC square tries to pull one over on us by changin

Microsoft's Santa to get a restraining order for Christmas

From the “It sounded like a good idea at the time” Dept. Microsoft set up a holiday chatbot ( on MSN Messenger for kiddies to talk to, play games with, and make holiday