Tired Of Mean And Nasty YouTube Comments? The YuleTube Browser Extension Will Fix That

If you’ve ever gone “deep” into the nastiness that the YouTube commenting section can be, then you know that it’s not a pretty place. Depending on the type of content you’re visiting, fights will break out, mothers will be dragged into the conversation and it’s just not fun to be around. Who are we kidding? No matter what type of content it is, a YouTube commenter troll or 10 will say something nasty to start a feud.

Today, a tipster sent us a browser extension called YuleTube and it works on Safari, Chrome and Firefox. What it does is turn naughty comments into nice ones. With precision and hilarity. Sorry, Internet Explorer users, you’re fucked not included.

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/56025730 w=640&h=360]

Once you install the extension, all of the filthy words that appear in comments will be replaced with Holiday-themed ones that are much nicer, and thus funnier.

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I implore you to install this extension if you use YouTube. Happy Holidays.