SanDisk’s 400GB microSD card is an Android phone’s best friend

SanDisk has a new record-breaking microSD coming to market, which will deliver so much storage you might be at a loss as to what to do with it all. The new 400GB SanDisk Ultra microSDXC UHS-I card is

These South Bay and Peninsula cities are raking in venture capital

Though the region known as Silicon Valley covers dozens of municipalities, a few cities get outsized attention in tech circles. Everyone knows Palo Alto, Mountain View, San Jose and San Francisco as h

SanDisk’s 1TB SD card has more storage than my computer

Higher resolution is making for larger video and images, but luckily, flash memory capacity seems to be keeping pace. A new SDXC card from SanDisk unveiled today has 1TB of space available, which basi

OtterBox’s new case offers a battery, speakers, Square reader and other swappable functionality

I spotted an OtterBox case on the train ride in this morning that more or less confirmed my feelings about the company’s products: big, bulky and protective. Swaddling one’s phone in an OtterBox c

Hands on with SanDisk’s iPhone storage-expanding flash drive

The iXpand is an odd thing to behold, a strange Frankensteinian amalgam of adapters fused together and folded over for good measure. It’s another interesting concept out of SanDisk as the company at

Western Digital To Aquire SanDisk For $19 Billion

Western Digital just bought a bunch of memory cards. The storage giant just announced that it has agreed to buy SanDisk Corp for about $19 billion. This comes after speculation that SanDisk was shoppi

Source: Cisco Takes Secretive Role As “Unnamed Silicon Valley Industry Titan” In WhipTail’s $31M Round

According to multiple sources, Cisco has taken a secretive role as the "Unnamed Silicon Valley Titan" in a $31 million round for <a target="_blank" href="">WhipTail</a>, a flash sto

SanDisk Acquires FlashSoft To Expand Enterprise Lineup

Flash memory maker and storage system technologies provider <a href="">SanDisk</a> announced today that it has acquired <a href="">FlashSoft</a>, a company

Sony Announces World’s First XQD Memory Cards

Are you ready for yet another memory card format? Dubbed XQD, the medium was first announced by Sandisk, Sony and Nikon in November 2010. And after the the CompactFlash Association finalized the speci

Surprise! Sandisk Is Still Making MP3 Players

Amazingly, someone is still making MP3 players for the mass market. I'm pleased to present the $70 Sandisk Sansa Clip Zip, a tiny, portable media player that comes in 4 GB and 8 GB varieties (the 4GB

The HP Touchpad Gets A Video Demo Thanks To SanDisk

<img src="">HP! SanDisk just crashed your party! Deep in the seedy show that is Computex Taipei, SanDisk is showing off one of its late

SanDisk Acquires Flash Disk Maker Pliant Technology For $327M Plus Earn-out

<img src="" class="shot2" /> Flash memory storage solutions provider <a href="">SanDisk</a> has <a href="http:/

The SanDisk SDHC UHS-1 Hits With For 45MB/s Read & Write Speeds, Ancronym Overload

<img src="">Yep, this is another SDHC variation aimed directly at those that need/want extreme data transfer speeds -- and who doe

500MB/s Transfer Speed, 2TB Storage: Sony, Nikon, SanDisk Propose New Memory Card Standard

<img src="" /> It's time for a new standard for memory cards - according to Sony, Nikon and chip maker SanDisk. The three companies

SanDisk Breathes New Life Into Its MP3 Offering With The Sansa Fuse+

SanDisk is back, baby. After a long time of just letting its Sansa Fuse line chill, there’s finally a new model. The Sansa Fuse+ is a mighty big refresh that manages to maintain a good amount of

Will Motherboards Soon Offer On-Board Storage?

<img src="" />For a long time, using a motherboard's on-board resources was considered... uncivilized. But nowadays, you can run de

Sandisk Presents the Smallest 64GB SSD In The Whole World

Can you believe it? That thing is a SanDisk 64GB SSD, read for installation into the tablet of your choice. While 64GB isn’t much for fans of 3D HD porn, it’s plenty for a little bit of mu

News Flash: Hot Deals on Flash Memory

<img src="" />Flash memory prices have continued to fall in the recent months. With the advent of HD video and now HD movies o

New Sandisk WORM cards write once, read for 100 years

<img src="" />Sandisk has created a new line of write once, read many SD cards, mainly intended for law enforcement. I suppose you could

SanDisk's 32GB microSDHC should make your life slightly easier vis-à-vis storage needs

<img src="" />Nice, 32GB. Thanks, <a HREF="">SanDisk</a>! Now we can all shoot RAW just as car
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