The SanDisk SDHC UHS-1 Hits With For 45MB/s Read & Write Speeds, Ancronym Overload

Yep, this is another SDHC variation aimed directly at those that need/want extreme data transfer speeds — and who doesn’t? By utilizing the UHS-1 bus interfaces, SanDisk’s just-announced SDHC card achieves 45MB/s both reading and writing, which as the presser mentions, is perfect for those shooting RAW HD video and don’t wanna wait an eternity transferring the data to a workstation.

While the 45MB/s speeds are great, the UHS-1 transfer mode supports up to 104MB/s and there’s even a UHS-II mode that triples that rate to 312MB/s. This first-gen version however should probably be a righteous overkill for your Nikon D5000, though. That is if you can justify spending $100 to $299 for cards ranging from 8GB to 32GB when your Newegg-special SD card is working just fine right now.