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The top 10 cities for $100M VC rounds in 2018 so far

Crunchbase News recently profiled a selection of U.S. companies’ largest VC raised in 2018, and no surprise here: the 10 largest rounds all topped out well north of $100 million.

Update: Bird buys more scooters

Note: This story has been updated to indicate that the deal is worth tens of millions not hundreds of millions and includes comment from other manufacturers. It seems like all is fair in love and scoo

Developing rapid response services for real estate agents, Agentology bags $12 million

Startups like Zillow and Trulia have reshaped the real estate market by giving consumers their 24-hour covetable, clickable window into shoppable home sales — and the other players in the real e

Update: Family networking app Life360 hires PathSense team to boost location-based services

Update: This article was updated to clarify that Life360 hired the PathSense team, but that PathSense retains ownership of its intellectual property and is still actively selling licenses. Life360, th

Bird expands to San Francisco, San Jose and Washington

The smash dockless scooter rental startup, Bird, is expanding beyond its Southern California nest with a new rollout in San Francisco, San Jose, Calif. and Washington, DC, the company said today. And

Uber officially launches Uber Express POOL, a new twist on shared rides

Uber has launched Uber Express POOL officially after a lengthy trial period that kicked off in San Francisco last November, and has until now remained available only in that market. Starting today, it

How I moved my startup from San Francisco to San Diego

Companies have long come to the Bay Area to plant their seeds, and for good reason. The stretch of land from San Jose to San Francisco encompasses some of the most revolutionary technology in the worl

Why I moved my startup from San Francisco to San Diego

San Francisco has long been hailed the home of the tech startup -- the place to be for entrepreneurs looking to lay the foundation for the next big thing. As a mobile app platform with high aspiration

Watch Adam Savage And Chris Hadfield Walk Comic-Con Floor In Some Amazing Space Suits

Adam Savage is one of our most beloved makers and real astronaut Chris Hadfield is a modern Earth hero. Together they make one of the funnest sets of fake astronauts in all of San Diego. Every year Sa

San Diego’s Vibrant Startup Community Shows Up For A Night Of Stellar Pitches

The <a href="">TechCrunch Meetup + Pitch-Off in San Diego</a> was a smashing success, with over 1,000 people in attendance, a few dozen s

The TC Meetup + Pitch-Off Is Invading San Diego On August 22

Baseball season is in full swing and football is around the corner, but there's one other competitive sport that's heating up. The <a href="

Atop A Landfill, U.S. Marine Corps Installs 1.4 Megawatt Solar System

<img src="" class="shot2"></img> Today, the United States Marine Corps completed its largest solar installation to date&

Get thee to the Comic-Con for the Baroness

Oh, Baroness! So sassy with your trenchcoat and your dual pistols! If you’re headed to Comic-Con pop into the Hasbro booth and get some exclusive GI Joe dolls for the inner dork in you. The Baro