Ryan Hoover

  • Ryan Hoover’s $3M Angel Fund is going by the name Weekend Fund

    Ryan Hoover’s $3M Angel Fund is going by the name Weekend Fund

    An SEC filing turned up this morning showing that Product Hunt’s Ryan Hoover is investing out of a $3 million AngelList Angel Fund going by the name Weekend Fund. We previously reported that Hoover was a deal lead through the Angel Funds product — but now we know the size and name of the vehicle. Read More

  • AngelList just launched full-fledged venture funds

    AngelList just launched full-fledged venture funds

    According to AngelList, the startup funding and recruiting platform, the number of companies being minted continues to far exceed the number of funds that can support them at the Series A and even the seed stage. Meanwhile, angel investors don’t necessarily have enough capital, particularly those who may be respected operators but haven’t yet enjoyed a major liquidity event yet. Read More

  • Crunch Report | ACLU Enrolls in Y Combinator

    We are joined by the CEO of Product Hunt, which was just acquired by AngelList, the ACLU enrolls in Y Combinator, Daimler builds a self-driving car for Uber and top poker players lose to an AI developed by Carnegie Mellon. All this on Crunch Report. Read More

  • AngelList acquires Product Hunt

    AngelList acquires Product Hunt

    AngelList, the LinkedIn for startups, just bought Product Hunt, the platform where people vote up or down on startup products. Product Hunt declined to comment on the selling price but a source close to the matter tells us it was about $20 million. Recode first reported that same price.  Product Hunt was rumored to be raising its next round for the past several months but, as founder… Read More

  • Bullish: Curation and filter bubbles with Product Hunt’s Ryan Hoover

    The Art Of Curation | Bullish

    After years of tweeting back and forth with Product Hunt Founder Ryan Hoover, I finally met him IRL when he came in to talk about curation with me for Bullish. “In a world where we’re having so much being created, whether it’s apps, chrome extensions even music, books, podcasts, etc. there’s a greater need for curation,” Hoover told me. Meanwhile, everyone has… Read More

  • Product Hunt Takes AMAs A Step Further With The Launch Of LIVE

    Product Hunt Takes AMAs A Step Further With The Launch Of LIVE

    Product Hunt, the online community where members upvote products, games and books they like, is helping that community get more of a heads up on “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) events today with the introduction of LIVE – a scheduled AMA with different product makers, founders, celebrities, authors and others. The platform often invites makers of products to come to the site and… Read More

  • Product Hunt Levels Up With A Gaming Category

    Product Hunt Levels Up With A Gaming Category

    Product Hunt, the platform for upvoting the top tech products, is making its first expansion outside of tech into gaming and has pulled in game publication Polygon co-founder Russ Frushtick to head up the new category. The Product Hunt Games section will look similar to the main list of the top tech products of the day on Product Hunt, but filled with new gaming products instead. The… Read More