• Runtastic launches hardware line, enters U.S.

    The Quantified Self movement has produced a number of startups in that space, most notably fitness tracking apps such as Runkeeper, Edmondo or Fitbit. European sports tracking app Runtastic is one of them and just announced that they are moving into the hardware space with a manufacturing partner and are shipping their first products at the end of july. The startup has silently built a team… Read More

  • Runtastic crosses 2 million downloads and hits profitability

    Sports tracking platform Runtastic has announced that it’s crossed the 2 million download mark for its mobile apps, while claiming 400,000 monthly active users in Europe. The Austrian company says that it is now also cashflow positive. Based in Linz, Austria (near the offices of stealth payment startup Jumio), Runtastic is originally funded through a €150k public grant but has just… Read More

  • 'Runkeeper of Europe' runtastic launches Pro App

    [Austria] runtastic, a mobile app for iPhones that connects sporty people among each other, just released their PRO Version (iTunes link), complimentary to their free version which has been available for some months. Although apps for tracking personal fitness and health are relatively new, there are already some players in that space, such as Nike and more recently Runkeeper. Read More