Runtastic Gets Updated For Android 4.3, Brings Holo Visual Redesign And Bluetooth Smart Support

Fitness app and hardware accessory maker Runtastic launched version 4.0 of its product today in conjunction with Google’s special Android and Chrome event. This update offers new features tailored specifically to the Android 4.3 improvements Google has made, with a particular focus on Bluetooth Smart capabilities that work with its line of fitness hardware, which includes a heart rate monitor.

Runtastic gadgets, including the heart rate monitor, and in the future the speed/cadence sensor, will now be able to sync directly with Bluetooth 4.0 enabled smartphones running Android 4.3, without the need for an intermediary receiver. Also new in the app is a complete redesign that adheres to Google’s so-called “Holo” design guidelines, which means that interface elements have a lighter touch and the entire interface has been overhauled. There’s a new menu, and maps integration is built-in to the main screen while activities are running for easier access.

[gallery ids="850653,850652,850651"]Runtastic is one of the earliest and most successful entrants in the fitness monitoring space, and Google will be using the app to show off its new Android 4.3 features today on stage at the event, which is taking place as we speak, so tune in to find out more about the app and how it shows off the changes Google made with Android both under the hood and on the surface in version 4.3.