Meanwhile In Europe … (Runtastic, TechCrunch Baltics, SecretSales, Cabify,

Here’s a roundup of recent stories on TechCrunch Europe:

— Mobile sports and fitness app Runtastic is moving beyond software, announcing a hardware line as well as its expansion to the United States.

— In the UK, private sales club SecretSales has raised £6.3 million in funding to double down on its expansion in the country.

— TCEU Editor Mike Butcher traveled to Latvia for the first TechCrunch Baltics meetup, learned more about the tech scene in the country as well as that in Lithuania and Estonia, and saw some interesting startups., which helps creative people aggregate and display their digital lives, has raised $530,000 in funding from Vienna, Austria-based SpeedInvest. I’m still kind of confused about what the (invite-only) service is supposed to do.

— Founded in Juy 2011, on-demand car ordering service provider Cabify – which I likened to the ‘Uber of Europe’ – is starting to gain momentum in its hometown (Madrid, Spain), but plans to expand to 15 more European cities in 2012.