Google Play Music teams up with Runtastic to offer new workout playlists, free trials

In an effort to attract more users to its streaming music service, Google today has teamed up with fitness app Runtastic to offer the app’s users a variety of new workout playlists, including songs for running that are over 130 beats per minute, that are powered by its music service. The songs are available for free within the app, in the 60 countries where Google Play Music is currently available, says Google.

What’s interesting is that the deal isn’t just going after Android users. While the songs and playlists curated by Google will be available only in the Runtastic Running & Fitness Android application, both Android and iOS users will be offered free trials to Google Play Music as a part of the deal between the two companies.

These new playlists include things like Today’s Running HitsSweaty EDM Workout or High-Energy Hard Rock, and will be made available directly in Runtastic’s music section in the app.

It’s not unusual for Google to partner with third parties in an effort to push adoption of its Spotify and Apple Music competitor, Google Play Music. The company has also partnered with TripAdvisor in the past to dole out free trials, with LyricFind for finding song lyrics in search results, with Shazam for music discovery and more.