• Rumor: Windows 8 To Use Kinect-Like Facial Recognition

    Hackers poring through the leaked Windows 8 M1 build have found some interesting evidence suggesting that Microsoft’s next OS may automatically recognize its users, a la Kinect. Read More

  • More Reports Suggest Touchscreen And More On New Nintendo Console Controller

    The rumors continue. After a big blast last week and some specs shortly after, Kotaku is reporting that the rumors of an enormous new controller with a 6.2″ touchscreen are real. I’m trying to make allowances for Nintendo weirdness, but I just have to get a few reservations off my chest. Read More

  • Wii Successor Rumors Heat Up: Far More Powerful Console To Show At E3, Launch In 2012

    We heard in March that a new Nintendo console was slated for an E3 release. We also heard more recently that the Wii is getting a price cut in May. The rumor mill is grinding, grinding, and an anonymous source claiming Nintendo is already showing the console to developers is adding grist today. Read More

  • Canon Ambiguous On Mirrorless Camera Plans

    Last year, we heard Canon was vaguely planning on getting into the M4/3 camera market. More recently Canon Europe’s head of consumer imaging, Rainer Fuehres, said that Canon has no need to enter the mirrorless compact system (CSC) segment. Read More

  • Nikon May Have Leaked Their Own D5100 DSLR

    Nikon may have just accidentally revealed the successor to their D5000 consumer DSLR. This video shows various cameras in the Nikon family, but Nikon Rumors noticed that when it shows the D5000, the LCD is shown swiveled to the left side. The Problem? The D5000 LCD only swivels down. Not much revealed other than that, but a good catch by NR. If the release is soon, it could steal the… Read More

  • "HiDPI" Mode In OS X Lion Suggests Retina Desktop Displays Are Forthcoming

    For a long time now (this feature was first mentioned back in 2006), a high-DPI mode has been in development at Apple. It’s a step towards resolution independence, a UI holy grail in which UI elements are the same size for users across all resolutions — so whether you’re looking at an icon on an iPhone, MacBook Air, or Cinema Display, they’re all exactly the same size. Read More

  • New Olympus Compacts Incoming On March 2nd?

    A trusted tipster has informed 4/3 Rumors that Olympus is planning on dropping a few new cameras come March 2nd. There’s no more information than that, but what’s this? Forum Olympus France has discovered some recent Oly patents for a couple big-zoom compacts. They’re not interchangeable lens models, more in the luxury point-and-shoot zone, but still could be worth your… Read More

  • Another Alleged iPad 2 Case Caught On Camera

    It’s possible that the suppliers who gave 9to5mac this case are just plain lying that they know the specs, but if release really is imminent, it’s also possible that this is the real thing. Personally I’d guess this is a non-final “draft” based on preliminary or rumored specs, as Apple is likely to be extra-careful about who it sends the info to this time… Read More

  • Rumor: iPhone 5 To Have A Larger, 4-Inch Screen?

    Apple has taken its own sweet time adopting functions and features that many phone users now take for granted. Unfortunately, as Android phones up the ante in terms of screen screen size and processor speed, the iPhone is starting to lose a few comparison tests and, barring all other stats, screen size makes for a great in-store tie-breaker. Luckily for Apple, there’s a new rumor on… Read More

  • HP TouchPad: $699 In June?

    BGR has word from a source that the TouchPad will be launching in June for $699. Sounds about right to me — any later, and their goose is cooked. I’m not sure $699 is going to pull a lot of people, though, since what HP is selling is a little more subtle than Android, and the average consumer might not be able to pull themselves away from the default iPad, especially if the… Read More

  • iPhone Nano Rumors Resurface In Report

    We’ve been hearing “iPhone Nano” rumors for a long time. In 2007, 2008, 2009, though strangely not 2010, we heard from suppliers, case makers, tipsters, sources, and so on that there’d be a new, smaller iPhone out there soon, but it has never materialized. So what makes this newest rumor, reported by Bloomberg, any different? Nothing, really. We’re just passing on… Read More

  • Elton John Slightly Confirms Existing iPad 2 Rumors

    Yesterday, we heard a rumor that the iPad 2 was coming in March. Today, 9to5mac points out a BBC interview where Elton John says he is to get a Skype iPad in April. It’s not like we learn anything new here, just a few more hints at iPad’s inevitable launch. If you watch the interview, you’ll notice that he says, “ I can see Zachary,” when talking about… Read More

  • Rumor: iPad 2 To Be Announced Later This Month, Released In March

    Later this month, we may get to see what Apple has planned for the next iteration of wildly successful iPad. There have been many rumors about what features iPad 2 will have, but none have been specific enough to offer a date. All we really know is that it has almost been a year since the iPad was released and the next one is coming pretty much any time now. Read More

  • iPad Rumors: NFC, Carbon Fiber, And 7" Version Again

    I know what you’re thinking: none of these rumors is actually new. Near-field communication we’ve talked about for a while, the carbon fiber thing was around back in November, and didn’t we pretty much dismiss the 7″ iPad thing? Yes, all these things are true. But now somebody is rumoring them again. Read More

  • Alleged iPad 2 Display Found: Lighter And Thinner, But Is It High-Rez?

    9to5mac has gotten their hands on what they believe is an iPad 2 display, and it’s… not actually that exciting, but still a great scoop for them. Unfortunately, while the screen is definitely lighter and thinner than the previous one, they have no way of telling whether it is, in fact, the high-resolution display we’ve heard rumored. More pics this-a-way. Read More

  • PSA: 3D Matrix Sequels Rumor Was A Hoax

    You may have seen a few reports going around the webosphere to the effect that Keanu Reeves and the Wachowski brothers were in the midst of planning a pair of Matrix sequels. Not only that, but the two films were to be in 3D. It turns out the whole thing was basically made up, so never mind. Don’t propagate. Read More

  • "Upstream Component Makers" Corroborate iPad 2 Retina Display

    Whether this Digitimes report is just an echo of the previous rumors, I can’t say, but they seem to have gotten independent confirmation that the next iPad will indeed have a 2048×1536 display. Let’s take it with a grain of salt, though, until we get something a little more solid. Nothing on the other rumors, either. …Lotta white space here. I guess I’ll use it to… Read More

  • iPad 2 Rumor Roundup

    The next version of the iPad is, if timing and supply line rumors are to be believed, just around the corner. Although unexpected delays may follow in the wake of Jobs’ medical leave, the design must be finalized, and the factories in China are at this moment preparing to pump out five or six million of these things over the next few months. There have been a few purported leaks, but… Read More

  • Oversized Assets Indicate 2048×1536 Resolution On iPad 2

    A couple image assets included in the latest version of iBooks seem to have the same naming convention as iPhone apps have when they must accommodate both old and new iPhone displays. In other words, the images imply that the iPad 2 will undergo a similar transformation: remaining the same size while doubling the resolution of its screen. If this true, you can sign me right up. Although… Read More

  • Is This The New Facebook Phone And Interface?

    The new phone is being called the INQ Cloud Touch and just might be the rumored Facebook phone. We just learned that the device received its Bluetooth certification and from that we learn that the phone was developed to “make messaging faster and smarter.” What will be different with this phone is how it interacts with the user; that it was developed around the way people… Read More