Source Claims Next-Generation Xbox Incognito In EA Offices

<img src="" />With <a href="">Nintendo </a><a href="

Nintendo Rumor Roundup: Storage, Disc Format, And Vitality Sensor

<img src="" />The Wii successor/Project Café rumors have died down since <a href="">Nintendo's</a>

Rumor: Windows 8 To Use Kinect-Like Facial Recognition

<img src="" />Hackers poring through the <a href="">leaked Win

More Reports Suggest Touchscreen And More On New Nintendo Console Controller

<img src="" />The rumors continue. After <a href="

Wii Successor Rumors Heat Up: Far More Powerful Console To Show At E3, Launch In 2012

<img src="" />We <a href="">heard in March</a> that

Canon Ambiguous On Mirrorless Camera Plans

<img src="" />Last year, we heard <a href="">Canon</a> was vaguely planning on <a href="http://www

Nikon May Have Leaked Their Own D5100 DSLR

Nikon may have just accidentally revealed the successor to their D5000 consumer DSLR. This video shows various cameras in the Nikon family, but Nikon Rumors noticed that when it shows the D5000, the L

"HiDPI" Mode In OS X Lion Suggests Retina Desktop Displays Are Forthcoming

<img src="" />For a long time now (this feature was first mentioned back in 2006), a high-DPI mode has been in development at <a href="htt

New Olympus Compacts Incoming On March 2nd?

A trusted tipster has informed 4/3 Rumors that Olympus is planning on dropping a few new cameras come March 2nd. There’s no more information than that, but what’s this? Forum Olympus Franc

Another Alleged iPad 2 Case Caught On Camera

<img src="" />It's possible that the suppliers who gave 9to5mac this case are just plain lying that they know the specs, but if release re

Rumor: iPhone 5 To Have A Larger, 4-Inch Screen?

<img src="" />Apple has taken its own sweet time adopting functions and features that many phone users now take for grant

HP TouchPad: $699 In June?

BGR has word from a source that the TouchPad will be launching in June for $699. Sounds about right to me — any later, and their goose is cooked. I’m not sure $699 is going to pull a lot o

iPhone Nano Rumors Resurface In Report

We’ve been hearing “iPhone Nano” rumors for a long time. In 2007, 2008, 2009, though strangely not 2010, we heard from suppliers, case makers, tipsters, sources, and so on that there

Elton John Slightly Confirms Existing iPad 2 Rumors

<img src="" />Yesterday, we heard a <a href="

Rumor: iPad 2 To Be Announced Later This Month, Released In March

<img src="" />Later this month, we may get to see what <a href="">Apple</a> has planned

iPad Rumors: NFC, Carbon Fiber, And 7" Version Again

<img src="" />I know what you're thinking: none of these rumors is actually new. <a href="

Alleged iPad 2 Display Found: Lighter And Thinner, But Is It High-Rez?

9to5mac has gotten their hands on what they believe is an iPad 2 display, and it’s… not actually that exciting, but still a great scoop for them. Unfortunately, while the screen is definit

PSA: 3D Matrix Sequels Rumor Was A Hoax

You may have seen a few reports going around the webosphere to the effect that Keanu Reeves and the Wachowski brothers were in the midst of planning a pair of Matrix sequels. Not only that, but the tw

"Upstream Component Makers" Corroborate iPad 2 Retina Display

Whether this Digitimes report is just an echo of the previous rumors, I can’t say, but they seem to have gotten independent confirmation that the next iPad will indeed have a 2048×1536 disp

iPad 2 Rumor Roundup

The next version of the iPad is, if timing and supply line rumors are to be believed, just around the corner. Although unexpected delays may follow in the wake of Jobs’ medical leave, the design
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