This could be the iPhone 7

What is the iPhone 7 going to look like? While nobody knows for sure, some leaks are starting to emerge with a common trend — the iPhone 7 is going to look an awful lot like the iPhone 6s. Based on today’s leak coming from Nowhere Else, there are just a few changes from the iPhone 6s body. So let’s find out what’s new.

According to this photo, it looks like the iPhone 7 is going to have the same pebble-like design with rounded edges. The back of the phone is still made out of aluminum. And you can see the fingers of the person holding this iPhone body through the Apple logo, as the shiny Apple plate is missing. But there are two main differences.

Remember the ugly antenna lines that were running across the back of the iPhone? It seems like the iPhone 7 will feature redesigned antennas. And it’s clear that the iPhone looks sleeker without these lines.

Second, there’s something different with the camera. Instead of the tiny bump on the iPhone 6s, this photo shows a bigger protruding lens. Does it mean that the iPhone 7 is going to feature a big camera update? Maybe. A wider lens could mean better low-light performance.

But rumor has it that Apple will keep the most important camera innovation for the iPhone 7 Plus. The bigger model should feature a new dual-lens camera system.

Reserving the dual-camera system to the iPhone 7 Plus would be a departure from Apple’s current strategy when it comes to the camera module, as both the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus have the same camera module. But there could be supply chain constraints pushing Apple to reserve the new module to some models only.

A dual-lens camera could let iPhone users shoot better photos in low-light conditions — it could also improve HDR performance and color fidelity. Or it would let you use an optical zoom with two different angles.

Finally, while we don’t see it on this photo, this iPhone 7 body doesn’t feature a headphone jack according to Nowhere Else. It’s still unclear why Apple would drop the headphone jack. Maybe the company has found a way to make wireless headphones suck less. Maybe Apple needs the extra space for a new feature.

Nowhere Else has been reliable in previous years when it comes to iPhone leaks. Yet, as always, you should take these rumors with a grain of salt. Apple is expected to unveil the iPhone 7 at a press conference in September.