Contrary to reports, OpenAI probably isn’t building humanity-threatening AI

Has OpenAI invented an AI technology with the potential to “threaten humanity”? From some of the recent headlines, you might be inclined to think so. Reuters and The Information first repo

Who’s most likely to buy Nutanix?

Rumors have been flying that Nutanix is up for sale. Here's a look at what it could end up being worth and who the most likely suitors are.

Would the math work if Databricks were valued at $38B?

Databricks, the open-source data lake and data management powerhouse has been on quite a financial run lately. Today Bloomberg reported the company could be raising a new round worth at least $1.5 bil

Box shares rise on report company is exploring sale

Shares of Box, a well-known content-and-collaboration company that went public in 2015, rose today after Reuters reported that the company is exploring a sale. TechCrunch previously discussed rising i

Apple said to be exploring face scanning technology for the iPhone

According to freshly-minted rumors posted by Bloomberg, Apple is looking to do away with the iPhone’s tried-and-true fingerprint reader altogether, in favor of face-unlocking technology. The mov

The next iPhone could have a bigger display and more battery

While the iPhone 8 isn’t going to be announced until September, this week has been packed with rumors about the upcoming device. And it looks like the display is going to be the main star of the sho

New MacBook Pro OLED mini screen could be called the Magic Toolbar

Hints are starting to appear about Apple’s brand new MacBook Pro. The most striking difference with the existing model could be a second OLED mini display that would replace the function row on the

Why Salesforce might be interested in Twitter

Rumors were flying all day yesterday that Twitter is up for sale, and could be a chief suitor. At this point, with so many possible bidders being reported, it’s hard to know wha

Apple could release an iPhone 7 Pro with a dual-camera system

Welcome to rumorland, where we look at smoke from afar to figur out if there’s any fire. This time, signs point to a new iPhone 7 Pro. In addition to the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, the Pro model wo

This could be the iPhone 7

What is the iPhone 7 going to look like? While nobody knows for sure, some leaks are starting to emerge with a common trend — the iPhone 7 is going to look an awful lot like the iPhone 6s. Based on

EMC-Dell Rumors Could Be About Storage Giant Exiting On Its Own Terms

Rumors that Dell is going to buy Massachusetts-based storage giant EMC, first reported yesterday in the Wall Street Journal, have been flying fast and furiously. The deal could be valued as high as $

Salesforce Shares Pop As Rumors Of Microsoft Buying The CRM Shop Circulate

Shares of Salesforce popped today following a report that Microsoft is a potential candidate to purchase the public company best known for its work in customer relationship management. Salesforce, wor

Here Are The Best And Most Interesting iPhone 6 Mockups So Far

Apple hasn’t said anything yet about any iPhone 6, nor will it until the fall (or whenever it actually announces it) but that hasn’t stopped the Internet’s collective imagination and

BlackBerry Gets Tough On Remaining Fans With Legal Action Against Leakers

BlackBerry, this is not how you handle a zealous fan base. CEO John Chen published a blog post today in which he promised that the company would pursue legal action against a “party who stole co

Apple Rumored To Begin Trial Production Of iPhone 5S Soon: Farewell Yearly Update Cycle?

A new report today claiming Apple is prepping an iPhone 5S for test production in December and volume manufacturing early in 2013 is spreading like wildfire through the blogosphere. The initial source

Rumor: Google Puts A Hold On New Google+ Acquisitions

According to a source close to Google, the company has put a stop to all acquisitions related to Google+ until at least the end of the year. This source also tells us that Google is not growing the Go

Little iPads, Little Pixels, And Resolution Independence (An Apple Rumor Medley)

Another crop of Apple rumors has grown up under our feet, and it seems a little reaping is in order. Two rumors are making the rounds, both of which warrant a little consideration but should, as usual

Rumor Has It: Apple Planning 15-Inch MacBook Air

We've heard rumors of a sort of <a HREF="">MacBook</a> Pro/MacBook Air convergence for the past few months and it seems <a HREF="

Apple Rumors: The MacBook Pro Shrinks, iPad And iPhone Grow

I suspect we'll have to start picking and choosing our Apple rumor posts carefully in the coming months as the speculations begin flying fast and free, but until then a bit of gossip portending the ne

Next MacBook Pros To Feature Air DNA?

The Sandy Bridge <a href="">update</a> to the Air line has been enough to make some feel the lightweight laptop is ready for prime time (I'm convi
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