Toshiba Joins The Waterproof Camcorder Party With The Camileo BW10

Earlier today we saw Samsung’s W200 make its debut, and now Toshiba is entering the ring. That makes three newish candybar-style waterproof camcorders out there (don’t forget the Playsport). So what sets the BW10 apart? Not a lot!

It does 1080p, like the W200 and Playsport, and has USB and HDMI out like the W200 and Playsport, but is only rated to 2m of water, but falls behind the W200 with a slower (F/2.8) lens and smaller (2″) LCD — like the Playsport. MSRP is $150 — like the Playsport (the W200 is $160).

I’m going to have to get one of each of these things and tell you which is worth your money. Be patient, it’s not summer yet.