LaCie's Xtremkey is probably the ruggedest USB key of them all

For probably two years now I’ve been using a Corsair Survivor thumbdrive, a reliable little guy that’s more or less waterproof and crushproof. I think it’s pretty tough, and whenever I have serious backup to do under 32GB, I’m sure to use it. Well, loyal as it’s been, it may have just been supplanted by the latest in the “key” series from LaCie.

The Xtremkey has an alloy shell that seals up and protects what’s inside against… well, just watch the video.

Yeah, that pretty much sums it up. But just so you have the numbers, it’s waterproof to 100m, drop-proof to 5m, temperature-proof to 392°F down to -58°F. And it’s 10-ton truck proof.

It also seems to be a reasonably fast USB 2.0 device, at 30/40MBps read/write performance. Looks pretty damn solid. I’ll have to put it up against my Survivor to be sure, though.