Maker Creates A 3D-Printed “Poison Dart Gun”

Maker Peter Alaric DeSimone has created a 3D-printed dart pistol that shoots 40mm blowgun darts using a piston system. The entire gun takes about eight hours to build and features rubber bands to brin

Dog Lovers Can Now Print These Amazing Open-Source Doggy Wheels

Dog carts are common but clunky. These little carts, attached to disabled dogs via straps and webbing, are often expensive and rarely cool. Now, however, you can get your disabled dog some sweet open-

BENDLAY 3D Is A Bendable Printing Filament That You Can Use To Make Clear, Flexible Straps And Bands

Kai Parthy is a German engineer who creates odd printing filaments for 3D printers. His previous projects, <a target="_blank" href="

Corum Admiral’s Cup Challenger 44 Chrono Rubber Limited Edition Watches

<img src="" alt="" />I think Corum hit on a great idea with these limited edition Admira