Dog Lovers Can Now Print These Amazing Open-Source Doggy Wheels

Dog carts are common but clunky. These little carts, attached to disabled dogs via straps and webbing, are often expensive and rarely cool. Now, however, you can get your disabled dog some sweet open-source wheels for the price of a quick 3D print and some rubber.

The Adaptable Wheelchair For Handicapped Dogs costs about $150 to build and can be resized for your pooch. The first recipient, a dog named Luisa, has been testing versions of the wheelchair over the past year and the creators, Multec, printed the pieces on a large-format 3D printer. They have included the plans, however, which means you can split the chair into parts or resize them as necessary.

These sorts of things are what make 3D printing so great: you can do so much good for so many people (and dogs) with a little plastic and a lot of ingenuity.


via 3DPrint